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Road Trip!

Well, we’ve been on the road for 2 days now..only 2 more days to go! I was actually kind of sad to leave Cleveland. There were some tears streaming as we drove out of the city but the sadness has faded into excitement for our next adventure! ┬áTears may have come easier than normal too because we are exhausted already. The last two days in Cleveland were amazing (thanks to friends), but also stressful (thanks to us). We took the plunge and traded in our Toyota for a Jeep…check it out:

This car just belongs in Colorado doesn’t it? I can’t wait to take the top off! We can take the doors off too in case you wondering. Why we would do that I have no idea but at least it’s an option! :)

The drive has been pretty good but healthy food option are few and far between. It’s basically McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Subway. Subway is obviously the healthiest option but I can only take so many 6 inch chicken breast sandwiches.

We’ve eaten at McDonald’s and I usually get a cheeseburger (they are SO tiny..but amazing) and a fruit and walnut salad. It’s not bad I suppose. I think with fast food, if you have to eat it, it’s all about avoiding the super sizes and soft drinks. That’s definitely where the calories get out of hand.

This morning we found a Starbucks (thank the Lord) so I got an oatmeal which tasted great after all the fast food. We still have 2 more days so I’m sure we’re not quite through with the fast food.

How do you avoid unhealthy foods on road trips? Or do you just roll with it?

See you in Colorado! :)

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