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Healthy, Hungry, and Happy

Hello everyone! My name is Amy and I’m a 28 31 year old momma and wife. I am a NASM certified personal trainer, marathon runner, skier, and gym rat (Always consult your doctor before starting a fitness program…a doctor, I am matter what I tell my husband).


I believe living a healthy, balanced life is crucial to attain happiness…at least for me. About 8 years ago a friend had the idea to sign up for the Chicago Marathon. Having never done a marathon, let alone any race before, I was a little skeptical. Somehow she convinced me to sign up. We agreed we would do our best and worse comes to worst, walk with each other towards the finish line.

Although my expectations were low, I decided to try and train anyway. Living in Phoenix at the time, I ran indoors (as it was summer there) until moving to Chicago a couple months later. A few Saturdays after moving there, I met up with the Team and Training group who were running 18 miles that morning. The farthest distance I had gone at the time was 8 miles. After hearing this, the team leader advised me to maybe try 10 or 12 miles that day…maybe.

Suddenly I found myself at 12 miles and felt okay…next thing I knew I was at 15…at that point I figured, what’s three more? I ended up running the entire marathon and finished in 4:45. I ran it again the year after shaving an hour off my time.

Running the marathon has been a life changing experience for me. I know people always say this and that is because it’s true: If I can do it, you can do it. That experience has given me a great deal of confidence in myself for accomplishing such a huge physical and mental challenge. It has also exposed me to working out and staying fit. Since then I have continued to run and race, as well as lift weights, take fitness classes, etc. Staying active and healthy is a huge part of my life. Next on the list…qualify and run Boston! 

I completed the Boston Marathon in 2013. It was a pretty incredible experience. Even though I never finished, I enjoyed the day. The day was overshadowed by the bombs that went off, but I try to focus more on the race, runners, and spectators. I would love to go back one day and finish!

Breakfast before Chicago Marathon 2008

Breakfast before Chicago Marathon 2008


I love food! I have always been willing to try any kind of food at least once; a piece of advice I learned from my dad. Even if I don’t like something….keep trying it, you might come around one day (still working on asparagus). I enjoy finding new, healthy recipes and putting them to the test. I also like the challenge of cooking. Once an intimidating undertaking, I am feeling more and more comfortable in the kitchen with each recipe I try. Most of the recipes I try are on the healthier side. I believe there are enough ingredients out there to make a delicious, healthy meal that is just as comforting as any “comfort food” out there. I look forward to sharing success stories as well as failures on this blog.

soup night

soup night


I am currently living on cloud 9 which is located in Dallas  Colorado. I am married to the love of my life and best friend. We’ve been so lucky and have had many great adventures living in places like  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Cleveland, and Colorado. We met 10 years ago in Malibu, California working as camp counselor’s one summer. We’ve been married almost five years and have two beautiful baby girls (3 1/2 and 1 1/2 months).

We love to explore by hiking and visiting the near by cities. We also enjoy traveling, scuba diving, and experimenting with our new Canon camera (lucky you, you get to see some of our experiments on this blog!).

Life’s been good and I have no complaints. I have a great husband, a new, wonderful family, and incredible brothers and parents who have always supported me. Not to mention my amazing friends! I hope you all enjoy the blog and at the very least, it makes you smile once in a while.

perfect ending to a perfect night

perfect ending to a perfect night


Feel free to contact me anytime with comments or questions at Thanks for visiting!!

18 comments to Healthy, Hungry, and Happy

  • Love your story, Amy! My husband and I are newlyweds, too. We got married last September and also live in Dallas. We love to travel as well and lived in Belize for a while. I’m a newish runner (started last May) and never get sick of talking about running so I’m excited to read more of your blog!

  • You know I am from Dallas? Went to high school in Southlake!

  • Amy

    thats awesome! i just moved here in august and i like it so far. any good recommendations on restaurants or grocery stores??

  • Hey Amy! I just found out about your blog through Dorry at Living with Healthy Hunger. I also live in the Dallas area and love reading other healthy fit blogs! I just got into running as well and training for my first race. Look forward to reading more of your blog! 🙂

  • Amy

    Yay another Dallas blog! Thank u so much for the comment. I love ur blog I’ll definitely be a regular!

  • leslee

    Amy, you are fantastic! Interesting and full of enthusiasm and energy, I love your blog.
    Keep it going!!!

  • Eeek! I love weddings and newlyweds! haha! they make me so happy! congratulations!

  • What a beautiful wedding picture!!!

  • I just recently found your blog and am loving it!! You have another nearby reader here!! I live just west of Fort Worth.

  • Hey Amy!

    I just had a bit of a look around, and I love your blog!
    It’s such a positive, happy space to read about your fitness and healthy living adventures.

    I’m a relatively new runner, and I’ve found a passion in it too!
    My next goal is to run a half-marathon, which I can’t wait to do, but will admit I’m a tad nervous.
    But hey, the sense of achievement and the challenge is why we all run, right??

    keep blogging!

    Kloe x

  • Emilie

    Hi! Amazing site! Good work:)
    I just wonder where in Bangkok you buy your quest bars from?


  • Hi Amy,
    Your father in law gave me your site. Said to let you know what I have.
    I sell Javita coffee and green tea. You can go to my site and get information and I’d be more than happy to send you samples of what I have or you could order it I don’t know how this works but if you let me know I’d love to have you look into it. my daughter is an avid CrossFit person and she uses the burn and control pre-work out now and after work out instead of the other drink. It’s pretty amazing. There are a lot of health benefits from the herbs in the coffee.
    Thanks look forward to having feed back.

  • I stumbled upon your Instagram yesterday and couldn’t help but love your style and love what you stand for. I was immediately inspired by your commitment to health, fitness, wellness and let’s face it, your food pics! (My favorite thing to see on Instagram) I would love for you to be involved in experiencing the amazing effects of our products.

    VitaMedica promotes the natural replenishment of the number and diversity of beneficial, lean bacteria living in your digestive tract (or as we like to call it, your microbial garden). By maintaining your exercise routine you give sunshine and water to your microbial garden. By taking VitaMedica supplements, you give your body the nutrients it needs to grow and flourish.

    Our LeanMeal RS™ is the perfect meal replacement and post-workout drink. The powder can easily be dissolved in water, soy milk, almond milk, etc. It not only contains a whopping 18g protein of whey protein concentrate, but only has 1g sugar (naturally sweetened with stevia, monk fruit and Zerose™), 8g fiber and is fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals to supplement your healthy diet.

    If you are interested in being sent a sample, please send me an email ( with your address and we will get it out to you!

    Thank you and best wishes,

    VitaMedica Team

  • Sarena


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    Best Wishes,
    Sarena Shasteen

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