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Preppin’ for a Long Plane Ride

The first part of our adventure officially starts tomorrow! We’re flying into L.A. which is where we leave on Sunday to Bangkok. Of course, we’re making a stop before Bangkok. We stop in Seoul, Korea for a couple hours. The flight from L.A. to Seoul is about 16 hours….then five more hours to Bangkok. Some serious plane time!

I have 2 books downloaded on Kindle and bought one tonight. I’m totally prepared to be sitting for 20 hours. Can’t wait (ha!).

I attempted to pack some snacks tonight for our travels, although I’m sure we don’t have enough! I’m assuming there will be food on these long flights…but ya know…plane food is plain food (good one, I know).

I went to a nearby grocery store tonight (exploring the new neighborhood stores). They had some good stuff, not as much as I wished but that’ll do pig.

Here are some easy, healthy enough snacks that I picked up:

I really like dried fruit; I’m sure most people do! The thing with dried fruit is that it’s really high in sugar and tends to make me (I don’t think I’m alone either) feel really bloated. I was tempted to buy a lot of dried fruit like apricots, dates, etc. but I stuck to raisin packs. I thought they’d mix in well with my next snack….

Instant oatmeal! Someone suggested this to me on Twitter and it’s such a great idea! All you need is hot water and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal. This will be great on the plane (anytime during the 20 hours ahhh) or in the morning waking up in Bangkok.

healthy stuff

Picked up some fruit….pretty obvious/easy choice.


Bananas are great and easy. My only complaint is they bruise like crazy when I travel with them. I guess I’ll just have to mash them up and add them to the oatmeal!

Sometimes I just crave apples. They’re such a refreshing, filling snack, I love ’em! My favorites are Pink Lady apples (although sometimes they’re a little expensive :(). They’re the perfect mix of sour and sweet!

Honey Wheat pretzels! I love these because they’re a little sweet. You might notice a common theme among my snacks….they’re all carbs!  That’s usually my main issue with travel foods is all I can find (or think of) are carbs. I realize I could have picked up some carrots or something for our trip but since we don’t have a freezer or cooler pack, I didn’t want anything that needed to be refrigerated. I was also really hungry when I went shopping (big mistake) so I was in a major hurry! 🙂

I did get some Luna Protein bars as well as regular Luna Bars, Lara Bars, and Kashi Bars. Tons of bars!!

I also got a straight up protein snack: jerky.

I have to admit, the jerky’s for Cliff. I don’t love jerky like he does.

Just in case I didn’t have enough carbs (gotta carbo load for the plane ride?) I also got some bagel thins! I’m planning on making a couple peanut butter banana sandwiches with them.

Finally, I picked up a new cereal: Fiber One Cinnamon Oat Crunch. I’ve tried one of their other cereals before and thought it was pretty good. I’ll throw some of this in a plastic bag to munch on throughout our million hour plane ride.

Those are my snacks! I have a feeling we might get a little bloated but I’ll just try to drink a lot of water and hopefully find some veggies somewhere. Either way I don’t care, we’re going to Thailand! I’m so excited to go to such an exotic (to me) place it’s going to be quite an adventure.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to update the blog at least once while we’re there. I know I’ll have so many great pictures to share!

Have a great weekend!

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