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Busy Weekend

Sorry for the no post yesterday, we’ve had friends visiting and they actually leave today. They were supposed to get here Friday but all the flights into Denver got canceled (their first major snow storm!). Of course, it wasn’t snowing at all here so the skiing was the same: nice and icy :).

Anyway, we had a great weekend! I started Saturday off with a half marathon by myself for Boston training. 13.1 miles! I was a little nervous for it but I sucked it up and just went for it. I kept my pace relatively slow since I was feeling tired and the run was pretty good. I wasn’t too sore after either which is always nice. My ipod froze though which was unfortunate. I’m pretty sure it’s in its’ final days of existence.

Sunday we skied Vail all day long. Usually, my husband and I just go for a couple hours since we have the luxury of living 25 minutes away. I was exhausted after a full day of skiing!

Vail Village is pretty cool. It has almost a Swedish, European-type vibe. We skied Vail quite a bit this season but still haven’t even come close to skiing the whole thing.

me this weekend

Sunday was a lot of fun! The sun was shining and the snow wasn’t that bad. We hit up a bar in Vail Village for the Super Bowl which was tons of fun although I think we were all pooped by then.

Yesterday we skied Beaver Creek all day. It was fun too but much colder and icier which proved to be a challenge.

Beaver Creek is normally a ton of fun. It’s nice because they have lots of free parking available and the runs are great. Yesterday was a little difficult just because it was icy but it happens. Still fun!

We finally ventured out of Eagle last night and into Edwards for some dinner. Edwards is a town nearby that actually has a ski resort, Arrowhead (I always forget about this then I wonder why Edwards housing is so expensive). Arrowhead actually connects to Beaver Creek so I guess technically Edwards has access to BC.

We went to a restaurant called Dish and it was awesome. Not cheap, but not over the top expensive either. We haven’t really done very many nice dinners since we’ve lived here so it was fun to get a little dressed up and eat some good food.

They freshly squeezed their own juice-I love that! There were a number of Greyhound drinks ordered last night thanks to the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. I actually just had the juice, it was so good! It was a great end to a fun weekend!


The husband and I are heading to California this weekend so it’s time for us to get productive before leaving town. The next few days will be busy, but I’m looking forward to some Cali time. I’m also looking forward to March- we’re going to an Indian wedding in Texas! We both have to wear formal Indian dress so I’ve been shopping around for Saree’s. They’re so pretty I’m really excited to wear one.

I can’t wait! 🙂


How was your weekend?

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