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Bi’s and Tri’s + Swag Bag!

After work yesterday I hit the gym for a little weight session. I decided to just focus on 2 muscles instead of my entire upper or lower body. I chose biceps and triceps. My legs were still a little sore from the weekend so I figured they could use a little more time off.

Since I was only doing 2 muscles, I worked them in a superset format, which is performing 2 exercises in a row-no break in between. Some people perform 2 exercises working the same muscle but in my case, I chose 2 opposing muscles so I wouldn’t get too burned out. Here was my workout:

Bi’s and Tri’s Supersets

  • Bicep Cable Curls– 3 sets of 10 using 30lb. I used the rope on the cable machine but you could also use a bar.
  • Triceps Cable Pushdowns– 3 sets of 10 using 30lb. I used the rope for this too.


  • Bicep Curls– 3 sets 10 using 8-10 pound weights. Just regular old bicep curls!
  • Overhead Triceps Extension– 3 sets of 10 using a 15lb. weight. You could also do skullcrushers-those are a great triceps exercise!


  • Hammer Curls- 3 sets of 10 using 10lb. weights.
  • Triceps Dips on Bench- 3 sets of 12-15.

Surprisingly, my triceps aren’t very sore today but my biceps are. I feel like it usually takes a lot to make my biceps sore so I guess it was a successful day!

After weights, I walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. I really tried to get to 30 but I just hate treadmills so much…I get so bored it’s unbearable.

Anyway, this it totally unrelated to gym time but I have to show you guys the swag we picked up at the Blend Retreat…it’s pretty much ridiculous.

I have no idea how the girls who flew in packed this stuff!

Larabar’s new line Uber. I have to say, I was skeptical to try it. I thought it would be dry like a granola bar and I’m not really a fan of that. I’ve only tried this banana flavor and it was seriously so good. I love their regular bars so much I didn’t plan on ever trying these, but they’re awesome. I definitely recommend them!

As if I didn’t already have enough, I won a box of Simply Bars! Usually I’m not into protein bars because they tend to be high in sugar and calories, but Simply Bar’s stats aren’t too shabby. Lots of protein with only 160 calories and around 5 grams of sugar per bar. Great post-workout snack!

I’ve said this before, but I am so excited to try all these new products. I’ve never had Erewhon cereal before and had some the other night for a snack…pretty good!

I’ve also never tried NuNatural’s Stevia but I know people love it. They gave us some Stevia packets and lemon and orange flavored drops. Anyone have any ideas for the flavored drops? I feel like lemon would be good in tea or something but orange sounds trickier.

Fitmixer aminos! So, I’ve heard of aminos before but really had no idea what they were or what they were supposed to do. A couple folks from Fitmixer came to Blend and actually explained the benefits of aminos to us before our bootcamp. Here’s some info from their website:

fitmixer® amino® uses Tri-Flow®, a patent-pending blend of ingredients university tested and clinically shown** to increase nitric oxide 300% more than leading fitness products.* Increased nitric oxide may have a variety of benefits including increased oxygen delivery throughout the body to reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery.

It tastes great…like a popsicle (melted popsicle?). I actually had some again before my workout yesterday because I always get tempted to nap after work instead of exercise.

They were also kind enough to give us a Blend bottle…ya know, the bottles with the metal ball in them to mix things up? I’ve seen these so many times and always wanted to have one but was basically too cheap to buy one haha. Not that they’re “expensive” but they’re usually around $6-10 bucks which is apparently too much for me. I used it yesterday to mix my aminos and it worked like a charm! I think it’s a great idea to bring one with you to the gym with your aminos or protein powder in it, then just mix in water when you leave! I’m so doing that.

Fitmixer amino nutrition facts

Xagave agave nectar…yum. Been putting this on my oatmeal these past few days! Agave is a great sweetener because it’s low on the glycemic index so it wont’ spike your blood sugar like other sweeteners.

As much as I love food, I also love beauty products..yay! I believe Pangea sells their line at Whole Foods (probably other places too).

Sunday night when I got home I decided to try one of my new products: Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Couscous. Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations because it kinda just looked like it would be dry. I have no idea why I thought that or judged it from its’ appearance in the bag..but I did.

I probably assumed that because it has pretty good nutrition stats and being whole wheat…I guess I figured it would taste “healthy.” It was actually really good. Even my husband was surprised how good it turned out. We had it with some veggies and shrimp…a simple, healthy dinner.

Good stuff!

As you can see, we were totally spoiled when it came to our swag bags. It was seriously kind of ridiculous…not that I’m complaining :). I’ll keep you guys posted on what products are my fave!

So, this is totally unrelated to anything in this post, but I just have to share my new favorite dessert with you guys. I’ve posted about it before but haven’t made it much since then: banana frozen yogurt!

Whoever thought of this is a genius. So, I freeze 1 banana then throw it in the food processor with a spoonful of peanut butter and a scoop of chocolate protein powder. I let the food processor run until it looks like soft serve!

It’s seriously so good, easy (kinda..minus cleanup) and healthy. I’m loving it lately especially because my husband eats ice cream every night…this is a perfect substitute for me!

Happy Hump Day! It’s kinda almost Friday! 🙂


What’s your favorite healthy dessert? Or, do those exist? haha

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