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Slowing Down.

I apologize in advance if I ramble a bit in this post. What can I say, sometimes I ramble?

So this past weekend at the Blend Retreat, we had tons of workouts planned. First up was bootcamp Saturday morning at 7 am. Next, a 4 mile hike at 10:30. After that, hot yoga around 2. That was Saturday. Sunday was short and sweet (but painful) with another morning bootcamp.

Me in the pink shirt...only one doing plank 🙂


Before arriving in Boulder, I had big plans that I was doing everything listed for the weekend. Never-mind the fact that I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant, I’m doin’ it!

Reality started setting in oh, around 7:10 when we started bootcamp. The girls had us warm up with a run around the park…2 laps. One part of the run in particular was uphill and that’s when it hit me: I can’t do everything. I tried so hard to keep up with the girls I was running with but felt so out of breath it was almost embarrassing. How could I tell them I just trained for the Boston Marathon when I was out of breath during a warm up? It was almost like I wanted everyone to know that becoming breathless during pregnancy is normal so they wouldn’t judge my fitness level (not that they were).

Dying through the warm up


I hustled my way through bootcamp anyway…then it was on to the hike. They said it was “strenuous” which of course, I ignored and trekked on anyway.


Turns out they weren’t was strenuous.  I was in yet another situation where I was becoming breathless but wanted to keep up with the other girls. Finally, my rational side kicked in and told me to put my ego aside and take a break. So I did.


I didn’t make it to the top. I almost did…but was pretty pooped and definitely felt like I had worked hard enough for the day. That being said, I decided yoga was a no-go too.

Basically what I’ve learned during these past few months of pregnancy is that I completely underestimated how hard it would be. I’m not sure if I was naive or just had a massive ego, but I thought for sure I could go along with my workout programs like there wasn’t a human growing inside me. I knew some things had to change, but I didn’t think it would be this hard.

Walking lunges during Sunday's Bootcamp


Sometimes I get reality checks, like at the Blend Retreat, but other times, I have to remind myself that there’s no reason to push it-not now anyway. I feel so motivated to get into the gym and work my ass off because I enjoy it…but now’s just not the right time. Obviously gym time is still important, but trying to lift heavier and heavier weights or incorporating HIIT into workouts? That might have to wait.

ouch...sore butt

(Picture from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean)

Today I felt pretty sore after my weekend workouts. My back is also hurting a bit-not sure if it’s from workouts, sleep, or pregnancy? But since I was in some pain I decided not to hit the gym today. Apparently that wasn’t a good enough reason because I still felt guilty. I know it’s kind of ridiculous…but it’s a tough adjustment.

Obviously, it’s all worth it. I would die if something happened or was wrong with our baby and would never ever want to jeopardize her health because I wanted a harder workout. But, it’s still hard sometimes.

That being said, I’m glad I still have motivation to workout. I know I’ll be glad I worked out throughout my pregnancy and have so much to look forward to after-especially a little girl! 🙂


What are your workout goals? Do you ever feel guilty if you don’t work out?

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