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Summer Break

Hey guys! It’s been a while!! I’ve been such a bad blogger lately I apologize. I went out of town last week to California then to Seattle, then my mom came in town so it’s kinda been nonstop craziness-but fun!

Since I’m still getting my act together over here, I’ll just share some pictures with you from the week!! By the way, I can’t believe it’s June already..the time is flying by!

comparing bellies!

I’ve never been to Seattle and it was definitely a really cool city, but man it was cold! Especially the first day we were there.

The second day was a little gloomy too but we did have a tiny window of sunshine which felt amazing!

Why do I not eat donuts more often? Oh right I remember…. these were awesome though and totally worth the cals!

Deviled Eggs from Local 360…yumm.

First Starbucks!

The Pike Place Market had the most beautiful flowers! If we were staying for a little longer, I totally would have bought some peonies for our room. They were amazing!

If you’re ever at Pike Place Market in Seattle, stop at Le Panier and get some macaroons-they are amazing!

I got chocolate, coffee, and lemon flavored ones and they were perfect. Especially the chocolate..yum.

Last but not least…

Lots of baby clothes were bought this weekend! 🙂


How was your weekend? Do you have any fun trips planned this summer?

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