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35 Weeks.

35 weeks!! Only 5 to go!! That is insane. Seriously, it’s August…where did the summer go? Before we know it snow will be falling and we will have a 4 month old baby-weird.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good! I have the same old aches and pains but nothing I can’t live with. I’ve noticed that bending over to pick stuff up (or pick from the garden) has become increasingly difficult. Oh that includes putting on socks and shoes…that’s hard! I find myself squatting awkwardly so my belly fits between my legs…I’m sure it looks very sexy.

Anyway, here’s my pic and a little breakdown of how things are going!

How far along? 35 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain: Ohhhh man it’s creepin’ up! At our last Dr. appointment (this past week) I’ve gained 26 pounds!! Kind of crazy but I seem to be on track so all is well. As long as the doctor tells me I’m ok in the weight gain department, I’m really not that worried about it.

Maternity clothes? Yes. If I wasn’t wearing any at this point I think I’d be concerned. I actually wore a non-maternity shirt the other day and my belly pretty much hung out all day long. Sexy.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: I can’t wait to sleep on my back again! I wake up in the middle of the night to my husband rolling me over because I roll onto my back sometimes. My sleep isn’t terrible but I get bad hip pain whenever I sleep on my right side so I pretty much only sleep on the left.

Best moment this week: Doctor’s appointment! It was cool she felt around and could point out her feet, arms, head, and butt! Her head is down so she’s officially in the ready position which is great. The doctor also said we have a very active baby which is good news (and nothing I didn’t already know ha). So, it was a great appointment! We start our birthing classes this next week which I’m pretty excited for!

Miss Anything? Nothing terribly. When I was in San Diego I could have used a hot dog (or 3) and a glass of wine…but I’m certainly not suffering. I am looking forward to getting back into the gym hard core and eating what I want. Oh and sleeping on my back of course.

Movement: Yep! She’s a kicky baby! I love feeling her though :).

Food cravings: Not really! Isn’t that weird? Or disappointing? Every now and then something sounds awesome for a brief moment (like Monday it was York Peppermint Patties…which always sound awesome), but nothing ever really sticks.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. Sometimes I feel nauseous in the mornings but then it goes away.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: Not really? I get Braxton Hicks contractions on a somewhat regular basis but nothing terrible.

Belly Button in or out? In but I notice the skin around my belly button seems to be like, folding over? Like it wants to pop out but I literally have nothing in there to pop.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Sausage fingers!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, excited, scared, nervous, etc. You name it, I feel it.

Symptoms: Pretty standard pregnancy symptoms: swollen feet, achey feet, achey back, tired, etc.

Looking forward to: I guess at this point I should say having the baby! I’m looking forward to our birthing classes and just getting closer to the due date. I cannot believe it’s almost a month out. I’m sort of freaking out.

Exercise: Been good! This week I’ve been to the gym 3 times so far. I’ve been walking on the treadmill then lifting weights. I do a little free weight lifting but I also use the machines because sometimes that’s easier. As long as it’s ok with the doc, I’d love to keep going up until the due date. I feel fine and just love getting a good workout makes me feel so much better!


So close I can’t believe it!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend! We have lots of stuff planned for this weekend…baby related stuff and garden. I’m going to attempt to can beets for the first time (first time canning anything!). I’m a little scared…wish me luck!

3 comments to 35 Weeks.

  • So exciting that you are almost there. I’m sure these last few weeks are going to fly by!

    I think I get more cravings than you and I’m not pregnant 🙂

    • haha i was so excited to get like, really weird cravings and it hasn’t happened…how boring! i mean, i crave normal things that pregnant/not pregnant people crave like ice cream, candy, etc. haha i wish i could blame pregnancy for those…

  • Meg

    High five to you girly <3 this is so exciting xoxo thanks for sharing <3

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