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36 Weeks.

9 months folks!! It’s crunch time!!

This week has been odd for me. Sorry if I’m giving you guys too much information, but just in case you’re pregnant, were pregnant, or planning on it someday, maybe you’ll be able to relate? Monday I felt perfectly fine, then suddenly got sick…as in throwing up :(. No fun. I haven’t been sick at all during this entire pregnancy. I’ve had a little nausea here and there, but overall it hasn’t been bad and I’ve never actually been that was weird. After I was sick I felt fine…

Then yesterday, I was sick basically all of last night. A different kind of sick…I won’t get into it but it was weird. Well, I lied, I will get into it. I had diarrhea all night. It actually scared me because of the dehydration factor associated with it. I couldn’t decide to call the doctor or not but ultimately, I decided to call her up. It seems like sometimes diarrhea can be normal, but it can also be a sign of preterm labor which freaked me out a bit (I guess it still could be?).

Anyway, I called her up and she said everything sounded normal. If it got worse, etc. to call back or come in, but so far, today is okay. But what a weird week…I’m drinking Gatorade and water right now just to make sure I’m fully hydrated!

We didn’t get around to taking a picture yesterday because I just felt too crappy so today’s post won’t include one. We did do some other things though including installing the car seat!

Driving around with a car seat in the car…weird.

I also washed some of the little one’s clothes just in case she does decided to come early.

Now I’m all freaked out that she’s going to come earlier than we thought so I feel like I have so much to get done!! Honestly, it wouldn’t be a big deal if she came early..we’ll be fine. My main concern would be her health which from what I understand, at 36 weeks is pretty much good to go, but she would still be considered premie (until 37 weeks).

Check out my husband’s sock to the left of her little bloomers. The sock is longer than her clothes! So cute!

Even though I don’t have a belly pic, here’s a breakdown of how things are goin:

Total weight gain: Don’t know about this week. Probably somewhere around 28 pounds total?

Maternity clothes? Of course! Actually, ironically enough I’m not wearing maternity clothes right now. I’m wearing a normal skirt and shirt…I’m pretty sure my belly falls out of my shirt..oops.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Been okay. I was sick last night plus the last few nights my hip has been killing me.

Best moment this week: Starting our baby classes! We had one Wednesday night and I really enjoyed it! Hopefully the baby stays with us so we can finish the course :).

Miss Anything? Can’t wait to sleep on my back! Also ready to not feel like crap.

Movement: Of course! I love it!

Food cravings: Not this week..not yet at least :).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: Not sure if my sickness this week is a labor sign of not? I get Braxton Hicks contractions more now than I used to so I definitely think my body is gearing up!

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Sausage fingers!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but I noticed this week I’ve been moodier. I think because sometimes I feel overwhelmed…but I am super excited!

Symptoms: Pretty standard pregnancy symptoms: swollen feet, achey feet, achey back, tired, etc.

Looking forward to: I can’t wait to see her little face but I want her to stay put for at least another week! I think she can do that :). I’m looking forward to our Doctor’s appointment this next week then from here on out, we have one once a week!

Exercise: This week was actually good in this department. I’ve been 3 times this week (am actually sore today). I wanted to go today but thought it was a bad idea in case I was dehydrated already. So, if all is well, maybe I’ll go a couple times this weekend or at least get out for some walking.


Anyway, things are good. I’m not sure what to make of the sickness stuff but I guess as long as it’s not getting worse or I’m not having contractions, I’ll just blame it on hormones (like everything else!).

I’ll leave you guys on a good note: I made Thin Mint cookies the other day…they are ridiculously good. I stuck them in the freezer and they’re seriously so good. So, think about those this weekend :).

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