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Easy, Homemade Thin Mints

Remember this beautiful picture I posted last week?

Of course you do. How could you get that out of your head?

Well, I intended to post on this ridiculous recipe earlier in the week, but unfortunately, I ate all the thin mints and forgot to take pictures of them. I didn’t eat all of them…I ate 15 and my husband ate 3. That is God’s honest truth. I was slightly embarrassed when he opened the freezer to grab one and looked at me in shock…only 3 left?!? Oops. I’m pregnant…I can get away with 15 cookies right? It wasn’t all in 1 sitting jeez… (it was over the course of like, 3 days haha).

Anyway, unfortunately I can’t take credit for the super easy recipe. I wish my tiny brain could come up with recipes like this but that’s why we have a variety of blogs in the blogging world. Blogs like Averie Cooks.

I’ve been to her blog several times and she always has great recipes and beautiful pictures! I actually found this one on Pinterest (ya I need to get a life) and knew I had to try it when I saw how simple it was.

So, I made these cookies last week….ate them all….forgot to take pictures…so naturally I had to make them again last night (plus I had a bunch of Ritz crackers to use!).

I think I had 3 of the 4 ingredients on hand. The only thing I needed to buy were the Ritz crackers!

I’m telling you-this recipe takes like, 15 minutes maybe. You just melt the chocolate with oil (or shortening. I used vegetable oil), add peppermint extract, dip your crackers in, then freeze! That’s it.

I had some issues last night with my parchment paper. It was being uncooperative hence the chocolate all over the place.

By the way, did you know Ritz crackers are vegan? On that note, did you know Oreo cookies were vegan? Maybe I should look into this vegan diet…

No exaggeration here-I love these cookies. They’re simple, quick, and seriously delicious. I just keep them in my freezer. They really do taste like thin mints so if you have a problem with Girl Scout cookies (and by problem I mean you eat a whole box in a night like me)…maybe don’t make these? Don’t be like me!! You’re better than that!! 🙂

Check out the full recipe and step by step directions at Averie’s blog. I love/hate her for this one… 🙂


Are you a Girl Scout cookie fan? Are there people who aren’t? What’s your favorite kind?

I love thin mints…but I also love Samoas…and those peanut butter chocolate ones…yum.

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