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Arctic Zero Ice Cream Review

Hey guys! So, as you know I’ve been trying to eat healthier and hopefully drop a couple lb.’s in the process. That being said, I’m not following any particular diet or being super restrictive with my calorie intake because I am still breastfeeding and don’t want to dry up!

My husband and I are pretty routine at night. We have dinner followed by dessert…some sort of dessert..every night. He loves ice cream (who doesn’t?) but obviously, I don’t want to stuff my face with Ben and Jerry’s on a daily basis…I mean, I do, but I shouldn’t. So, I decided to give Arctic Zero ice cream a try.

When I first picked this pint up, I assumed it was a scam because usually anything that seems too good to be true, is.


150 calories for that entire thing? Seems suspicious to me.



Seriously? How is that possible?

The list of ingredients isn’t horrific either.



Most of those ingredients I know or have seen before. The one I wasn’t familiar with was monk fruit concentrate which turns out is a sweetener made from the Chinese fruit of the same name. It seems to be the next up-and-coming “natural” sweetener (I put natural in quotes because I’m sure it’s processed in some way).

I, personally, like that Arctic Zero has whey protein added to it so at least there is a tiny bit of nutritional value.

There are multiple different flavors but I’ve only tried Cookies and Cream and Coffee. My favorite so far is coffee (I love coffee anything!). The thing about this “ice cream” is it’s more like an ice cream replacement. The texture is much different. It is not creamy like your typical Baskin Robbins scoop. I’m not sure how to describe the texture…more slushy like? I leave the ice cream out for a little bit to soften it’s definitely better that way!




I had some coffee last night with a little Light Hershey’s syrup on top…yum!

So, here are my pro’s and con’s of Arctic Zero:


  • calorie count and overall nutrition for a dessert-not bad
  • tastes good (I read some people hate it so could go either way)
  • good dessert replacement-satisfies the sweet tooth!


  • price- this pint almost costs $5 
  • texture-not the same as ice cream
  • processed- this is most definitely a highly processed food. The ingredients are straight forward, but I’m still skeptical because it just seems too good to be true.

I also read that The Today Show did a report on diet ice creams and found that this one in particular was actually under on their calorie count. The Today Show reported that in reality, Arctic Zero ice creams had about 46-68% more calories than they claimed. The company of course said their calorie count is correct…but who knows. (Here is the story).

Overall, I think it’s pretty good but there are definitely other desserts that are a healthier choice like fruit (lame) or banana soft serve. That, in my opinion, is the best. It does an awesome job replacing ice cream-it’s delicious and healthy! Perfect.



Some nights I’m just not in the mood to deal with a food processor. So on those nights, Arctic Zero will do just fine.


Have you tried Arctic Zero? Thoughts? If not, what’s your go-to dessert?



56 comments to Arctic Zero Ice Cream Review

  • I just tried this Arctic Zero… I’m also skeptical of the processed ingredients. It does seem too good to be true. It is however a great substitute for the lactose intolerant. And I definitely agree with you that melting it is key. I’ll have to try the coffee kind!

    • Kay

      Even though the packaging says it’s good for people with lactose intolerance, whey protein concentrate is made from milk and usually has substantial amounts of lactose. Maybe not as much as regular ice cream or ice milk or sherbet… but enough to cause digestive upset for those of us who are lactose intolerant!

  • Brian

    I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter. It was bland…sort of like eating ice cream with zero flavor. Definitely not worth the $5 price tag. I’m curious what the point is eating a “diet” ice cream if you are just going to put syrup on it. Seems counter productive to me. I will never buy this product again…..ever.

  • Randy Johnson

    Tasted Horrible with a capital H.
    doesnt even taste like cookies and cream. disappointed

  • Chelsey

    I will never buy the product again either. I also tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter and it wasn’t very good. I thought it was odd that it said “Lactose Intolerant Friendly” on the front but there was a sticker on the back that said “Contains Milk”. It wasn’t a label that was on the actual container, it is pictured in one of the photos above and that one is also “Lactose Intolerant Friendly” It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Nothing beats out real ice cream :( :( but we know that one scoop is like calorie explosion. I have had artic zero and I am not too fond of it. It just doesnt taste the way I want my ice cream to taste, but always got to be thinking about calories.

  • Sue

    where do you buy this brand?????

  • Susan

    I bought the coffee flavored Arctic Zero and, I like it, ALOT! The flavor seems to develop more if it’s allowed time to soften up a little, so I sit it on the counter for about 10 minutes before eating.
    It tastes just fine plain but, I like to add a squirt of Walden Farms zero calorie chocolatey syrup and I LOVE it!
    I’ve read some mixed reviews about the texture. This is my first pint and the texture of this one is, in fact, creamy, imo. Not icy as others have described.
    Half a cup, plus a tablespoon of chocolate syrup satisfies my insatiable sweet tooth. Even if the Today report is accurate, those extra calories are negligible compared to the calorie count of “real” ice cream.
    I’ll definitely buy it again!

  • Dieter Konieczny

    Is there any way to import this Ice Cream to South Africa, or is “Artic Zero Icecream” on the South African market already. Could one produce it under licence?

    Please advise


  • Cassie

    I had tried a couple different flavors (chocolate peanut butter was one), and I didn’t really like them very much. Today, however, I was craving ice cream pretty bad and I saw it and decided to give it another shot since there was no saturated fat. I bought the vanilla maple one and let it thaw out a little first (which I hadn’t did previously), and it was actually very good. The after taste reminds me of the kind that you’re left with after consuming artificial sweeteners, which makes me nervous, and I also don’t think I trust how good it sounds. Something has to be up.

  • bonvic

    I bought the chocolate and cookies and cream. They were both terrible..Will definatley not buy again and find something else for a sweet treat..

  • Michelle

    I bought some yesterday and was super excited to try it and was disappointed. I tried the peanut butter chocolate and it had just an odd taste to it…almost bitter. Hard to describe the taste but needless to say I was crushed.

    • yeah its definitely not the same as ice cream…i guess if you can keep like, a super open mind it might be okay haha but its hard bc its expensive too. i havent bought it agan

  • reggie

    Love the coffee flavor, but I have been unable to find it for the last two weeks.

  • Deezy

    Tried the peanut butter chocolate, maple vanilla, and chocolate. I like that it doesn’t make your mouth all mucousy like actual ice cream does, and will satisfy me if I’m desiring something cold. But… it still isn’t the same. I’ll still eat it cause it’s healthier.

  • James

    Nuke it for 20-30 seconds and it becomes creamy but still solid…

    I have been eating AZ for some time and really like it. The Mint Chocolate, Strawberry and Coffee are the best but cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate aren’t worth it.

    The Maple is OK…..

    Nothing beats real Ice Cream but this is the closest I’ve found. It keeps selling out in all the local stores here.

  • TJ

    This stuff if junk! Just eat the real thing if you want ice cream.

  • Missy

    I found artic 0 today at grocery outlet for 99 cents! I was so excited! It is a bit bland but I add some slivered almonds and a bit OG melted almond butter and it’s delish!

  • Elly

    Certainly not a Ben and Jerry’s clone. 150 calories sacrifices the overall experience as much as one would expect. The texture when softened is surprisingly creamy for a block of slush. The flavor is only just noticeable, and the sweetness level is perfect for someone who dislikes sugar. It truly warrants the label ‘ice cream substitute.’
    All that said, it wasn’t bad. I’m glad I tried it, but I won’t get it again.

  • Pam

    Oh! I was so excited to get this, hungry girl approved, I didn’t see the coffee flavor, at shop rite, but bought the chocolate mint,, peanut , andcookies and cream , all 3 were totally gross and coat 4.00 each. I’m going to kick it up and see what I can do. I used to buy the dream ice cream which was also 4.00 a pint and that was WAY better than arctic ice! That tastes like real ice cream ! I think the arctic ice would be good in frozen coffee drinks! I won’t buy this again, but if I find the coffee and it’s ok ill probably buy that

  • Jenn

    Holy goodness!!! Sooo delicious! I don’t know why everyone is complaining – it’s a diet friendly treat so of course it’s not going to taste like the full fat, full calories equivalent. If you have ever had water-ice, it’s very similar to that! Will definitely buy the mint chocolate flavor again! All the other flavors have been sold out here on island :/ . Stop Complaining and be greatful for such a delicious, lactose friendly treat :)

  • Seth Ostrander

    Choc peanut butter……yuk…very bland…no choc taste…no peanut butter taste…

  • Marlena

    Personally, if I buy a pint of ice cream, I want to eat the whole thing! I like that I can eat the whole pint of Atic Zero! “Regular” ice cream just doesn’t currently fit into my diet. (I am prepping for a Figure competition.) I recently tried the Coffee flavor, and loved it! The Strawberry and Vanilla Maple flavors are nice as well. I’m hoping to stumble upon the Coconut and Orange Cream… Definitely try Artic Zero…and don’t think of it as ice cream. It’s not! :-)

  • I think its terrific, Ive been looking for an ice cream with not many calories,and this is only 150 calories a pint. Although it doesn’t taste like the real thing,Im happy its available. I buy it all the time.

  • jenny

    I tried choc PB because I love them both. I was a bit disappointed. It was very bland and lil PB flavor. Vanilla maple wasn’t bad. Mint choc was ok… in the end u can’t go wrng with chocolate! U can always add ur own additives… I.e Pb. Granola. Etc..

  • kat

    Very disappointed!
    I tried Arctic Zero for the first time last night, and I was mad at myself for buying it. I mean, a whole pint of “ice cream” at 150 cal can’t taste as great as a pint of Ben& Jerry’s, but Arctic Zero has no flavor:/ Plus, you get this minnimal glimbse of sweetness, which is just not enough if you want/crave ice cream. Next time I’m just going to buy regular ice cream, and spend extra hour at the gym afterwards lol :)

  • Shelley VanFleet

    I am eating it right now lol. I love the chocolate peanut butter. If you let it soften up, it tastes better.

  • Adair

    I LOVE ARCTIC ZERO! Have been eating it regularly in place of sorbets (500 plus calories vs 150).
    It tastes good to me. Chocolate is the best. I sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top. Coffee and mint chocolate chip, as well as strawberry, are all excellent.

  • Rick

    I’m diabetic so I thought this might be a good alternative to ice cream because it is also low in carbohydrates. So I tried the chocolate peanut butter one,and I was kind of disappointed.I tasted no peanut butter, and it was not very chocolatey. It did not satisfy my sweet tooth. However I am going to try one again, just to make sure it wasn’t my taste buds that wasn’t working.

  • ty

    Just had the chocolate attic zero..melted my own natural peanut butter on top..delicious with few dark chocolate chips..

  • Sereeni

    Apparently Artic Zone isn’t really 150 cal/pint.

    According to the newscast they’re well over the FDA regulations of calorie variance of 20 percent (which is still high). However I do still like the idea of using different sweeteners. It makes me want to try and make some at home so that I can better control calories. Whey protein (I’ve seen organic grass fed kinds) and lower calorie alternative sweeteners and flavors… and I’d love to try other protein sources like brown rice, hemp etc if I want a vegetarian approach.

  • Danielle Smith

    I sprinkle mine with a tbsp PB2 powder and a little pink salt. It sounds kinda weird but it is delish!!! I have also sprinkled SF pistachio pudding powder (or your favorite flavor)YUM!!

  • […] Arctic Zero Ice Cream Review | Healthy, Hungry, and Happy – I just tried this Arctic Zero… I’m also skeptical of the processed ingredients. It does seem too good to be true. It is however a great substitute for the lactose … […]

  • Amanda

    I found this in the ice cream section at my local big box grocery store…and found it delicious! I’m lactose intolerant and have fructose malabsorption (meaning I can’t process fructose or its derivatives sucralose or sucrose very well).

    This ice cream substitute is a great alternative for those with dietary restrictions. Given I’ve been conditioned to avoid high fructose and lactose containing foods, having something sweet I can eat may color my opinion. I still find it palatable and will buy it again.

  • beatrice mendetz

    just bought pint of coconut ARCTIC cost 5.99!!!!
    don’t like texture.
    and didn’t make my mouth and stomach happy.
    wouldn’t bother with it at half the price.
    prefer my non fat greek yogurt with fruit and/or cinnamon/vanilla and a bit of sugar…

  • matthew

    I was at sprouts today looking for a low calorie ice cream. Came across this and was really skeptical about it. i bought it and it was delicious!

    when it comes to low calorie food substitutes, people should not expect it to taste like the real thing. So i was open minded about the flavor and found it amazing. I would say the chocolate flavored pint is equivalent to the taste of blending ice, water, and chocolate whey protein.

    and i do believe it is only 150 calories because this ice cream is really light and it is not dense at all. it tastes just like whey protein and ice. i ate a whole pint before the gym and it was really light in my stomach.

  • Carol

    I’m surprised at all of the disappointment with this product. I love it! Especially the chocolate. Only drawback to me is the price.

  • Christine

    I tried both the chocolate mint and chocolate peanut butter. I didn’t expect it to be creamy or taste like ice cream so I tried it with an open mind. First, you MUST let it thaw out and melt a bit before eating otherwise it crumbles and reminds me of ice milk. Once melted, I took the chocolate peanut butter one and scooped in a Tbsp of Better N Peanut Butter (only 50 cal for 1 Tbsp) (I bought it at Trader Joes) and then added a small squeeze of sugar free chocolate syrup in it and mixed it up like Cold Stone Creamy style! It only added a few more calories and it tasted yummy! For the chocolate mint flavor I added a small amount of the sugar free chocolate syrup and a tsp of mini chocolate chips and mixed it together – it was also really good! If you buy it and expect it to taste like real ice cream, save your money. If you are like me, and just want to enjoy some dessert with little calories, then go for it and be creative – you can add some low cal toppings and it will satisfy you. I buy it at Price Chopper near my house and it costs about $4 when its on sale.

  • Joyce

    It’s enabling me to stay off the real thing, which was packing on the pounds. I add some chocolate chips to it. Tastes good to me. I ate some last night and still weighed less this morning.

  • Tanya

    Does anyone realize that this stuff causes extraordinary gas? You’re eating air…gulping air spoon after spoon until you are so bloated…

  • Priscilla

    -Vanilla Maple: Thought it tasted like soap :/ (0 stars)

    -Cookies & Cream: Pretty decent for caloric intake, will try adding sugar free syrup :) (2 stars**)

    -Purchased at Publix, Wal-Mart, & God’s Green Acre health food store

    -Cannot find any other flavors except Mint Chocolate Chip, which smelt weird to me

    -Wants to try Coffee !!!! Pumpkin Spice, & Sea Salt Caramel (some are seasonal, can purchase online in bulk)

    -Wanted to try Chocolate Peanut butter, yet so many bad reviews :((

  • […] reviewed Arctic Zero before (link is here). In case you missed that post, here is a brief summary of how their ice cream is different than the […]

  • Sonya

    I like Arctic Zero a lot! It is perfect for those times when I need to eat light but am craving something special in a larger volume. The First time, I had chocolate peanut butter which is a little disappointing (just a hint of pb) but a year later I tried it again and I really like cookies and cream and mint. Even the pb is good. I just had lowered expectations, better flavors, and I really really appreciate having this dessert option. Compared to nothing, it is mighty special!

  • Nikki Fahey

    Try Halo Top for a better low calorie ice cream! It is better than real ones and it is real. Whole foods sells it..

  • Jerecole

    In my opinion the best tasting flavors are the Orange Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter. The Orange Cream mixed with vanilla whey isolate protein tastes really good. As for the Chocolate Peanut Butter, it tastes good when mixing in some chocolate whey isolate and a bit of natural peanut butter. The texture is similar to a Wendy’s frosty but not as sweet.

  • robin lawson

    436 pitchercane rd I think this stuff tastes absolutely amazing,all you people that are giving it bad reviews
    Reviews apparently are picky.I have nothing negative to say about it,the chocolate,cookie shake,vanilla maple and strawberry tastes like the real thing to me.the chocolate peanut butter and coffee, Are less satisfying. But still good.the down side is the cost.I could spend 100.00 on it in no time since it’s 5.50 a pint where I live,but it helps tremendously with my weight loss effort

  • Nikki Fahey

    Well good for you who all buy into the “diet” world by buying this product. I wish I haven’t bought into many things in my life and this is one. I guess thats why there are different products. Even being health focused this is one item I will go quality with more calories.

  • Cindy B

    It’s definitely, not creamy and rich like regular ice cream. But, it helps fill the sweet-tooth desire; with low calories

    My husband said the products smell like mold. I don’t notice any smell.

    The cookies and cream is okay, but the color is gross. Gray ice cream??

    The price is outrageous.

  • Robbi

    I have to say it is the worst thing I have ever eaten. The after taste is the worst. If I have to pay $4.99 for a pint of ice cream and then have to add stuff to it to make it taste better, I will go without.

  • Aly

    I recently purchased a few containers of arctic zone after reading the reviews and I was incredibly let down. It doesn’t taste like ice cream at all. It has the texture of a cream Italian ice but had the flavor of artificially flavored cardboard, not to mention, it’s over $5 in New York. I had everyone at my office try it and they all said the same thing

  • Kat

    The second the container was opened, it smelled strongly of chemicals. I did not even try it after that

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