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Clean Eating Switch: Coffee Creamer

*First of all, thank you for the comments on my previous post. It’s a touchy subject so I appreciate hearing your opinions on the matter.

Anyway, on to today!

I have a bit of an obsession with nondairy creamers. Not so much because they’re non-dairy, but because they make my coffee taste so darn delicious!! Thank you Coffee Mate for saving me the trips to Starbucks since my coffee now tastes like Peppermint Mocha (sugar free by the way).


I go back and forth between thinking, ” a calorie is a calorie. That’s all that matters so have your sugar free nondairy weird creamer. It’s less calories than half and half.” Other days though, I remind myself that I’m drinking nondairy creamer…what the hell is that? Maybe a calorie is a calorie, but it’s probably safe to assume eating whole foods, even full fat milk and cream, is better than majorly processed pretend coffee creamer.

I love their seasonal flavors. They always suck me in. Damn you Coffee Mate!

So, let’s compare….or maybe we shouldn’t….Here’s half and half (I’m guessing non organic half and half has the same ingredients):


So, that’s pretty straight forward: 2 ingredients. Here are the nutrition facts:



Two tablespoons is 40 calories. That’s not terrible. Let’s take a look at Coffee Mate creamer:



Oh my.

When it comes to non dairy creamer, I always think of my dad. He’s not a health nut by any means but even he was reading the label and asked me, “non dairy creamer? So, what is it?” I responded with, ” I don’t know. Don’t ask questions just enjoy the delicious taste.”

So, non-dairy creamer versus half and half. Half and half wins (clean eating-wise). I need a little flavor in my life so I asked some folks on Facebook what they use in their coffees and here were some responses:

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my FAV thing to put in coffee… Try that! Less fat

I just add spices or flavoring to my coffee and use regular half and half … just as tasty and not nearly as expensive!

Also, peppermint extract + cocoa + stevia/sweetener of choice = yummy peppermint mocha flavor

I went from using creamer AND sugar in my morning coffee to coconut oil and no sweetener!

Try using almond milk or flavored coconut milks instead! Still delicious and much better for you that both coffeemate AND half n half.


I think I’m going to try either coconut oil or coconut milk. Coconut milk seems thick like half and half while giving it a little flavor. My husband put coconut oil in his coffee for a while too. That sounds yummy and a good way to get some fats in your diet.

Here are a couple other ideas I found on Pinterest:

almond milk


Homemade almond milk creamer! Yum.



LOTS of different kinds of homemade creamers on this blog: coffee streusel, pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, etc. Definitely need to try a few of those!

I’m almost out of my Coffee Mate creamer. When I am, I’ll let you know what I try next! I think homemade peppermint mocha is in order….

What do you use in your coffee?

7 comments to Clean Eating Switch: Coffee Creamer

  • This is such a great topic. My mom recently asked me which of two butters was “better” for her nutrition-wise… one had better stats from first glance, but the many ingredients were really questionable. The other had two ingredients (butter, salt), but slightly less stellar stats. In the end I recommended the more wholesome one, but it really is a toss up!

    I’d probably go half and half with the creamer, but then again it’s not something that’s being consumed in bulk or anything, so does it really matter? It’s a tough call!

  • Yikes – a little scary! I typically use So Delicious creamer (non-dairy) and the list isn’t quite as bad, but it’s not great either. Honestly, I don’t usually use creamer – I’m more of an Americano fan (just hot water added).

  • Dan Armstrong

    If you drink coffee, black is your best bet, but that can be hard to get used to.

    Personally, I prefer half and half by far. Lower fat milks (skim, 1%, 2%) just don’t have the same impact as half and half. But I won’t touch the stuff unless it is organic. Non-organic dairy contains pus, anti-biotics and lots of other horrors.

    Fat-free half and half, and non-dairy creamers are essentially poison to your body. They are basically corn products which are highly processed and genetically modified. Stay far far away from these.

  • Oh, thank you very much for posting this! It is gonna aid me when I get Coconut Milk at the market! Fabulous!

  • Sarah Allen

    A few weeks ago, I switched from Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk to Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk and am so glad I did. The coconut milk is very creamy and thick, much like half and half or other dairy products. The vanilla flavor is also pretty savory and sweet for being unsweetened. If I still feel I need a bit more of a kick, I’ll add a pinch of stevia in the raw. Only a pinch though since a woman is only supposed to consume 25g of sugar a day! Adding spices like nutmeg and cinnamon can get a little tricky. Make sure the coffee you buy doesn’t have any hidden flavor additives to give it said flavor, like fructose, dextrose, or the like. Good luck!

  • Ric H

    Okay, so I started drinking coffee when I started a 1 am to 9:30 am shift! At $1.40 – $1.60 per cup at the mini-mart across the street, and a quarter or two each day to buy a splash of my co-worker’s percolated stuff, it was almost as much as those “gourmet” chains charge. I was actually mixing the mini-mart house coffee with about 1/3 hot chocolate. So when we all chipped in for a Keurig machine I needed to find a non-dairy creamer (lactose intolerant) and the healthiest sugar I could find. I have never used sugar substitutes and even drink less than five beverages of any kind sweetened that way in a year. I am allergic to stevia, so I settled for Sugar in the Raw and International Delights Caramel Macchiato (almond based). In about six months I gained 25 pounds, ouch! I am obsessed with the caramel taste, but had never had sugar in my house, and never added any sugar to the mini-mart coffee/hot chocolate, although I am sure there was plenty. I found a sugar substitute in the form of Smuckers Simple Delights Salted Caramel ice-cream topping! LOL I do love my caramel! It does not have any gluten or high fructose corn syrup and only a small amount of a dairy by-product. Once my caramel macchiato creamer runs out, I plan to use only the Smuckers because I also have a very slight allergy to the almond base. Mm…

    • You are so creative!! I might
      Have to try that. I used to drink caramel frappuccinos every single day in college haha crazy! They’re so sweet I’m not even sure I could finish one now!

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