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Today’s Workout

Today I was feelin’ like a good run. I’ve taken some time off of running since the Chicago Marathon in October of 2009. After the marathon, my body slowly felt like it was falling apart one knee and hip at a time. I’ve still been running…but much shorter distances. So, today I decided to challenge myself with a 5 mile run.

It was just a few days ago the weather in Dallas was a mild 82 degrees. Today, it definitely felt like winter. I made my way outside onto the Katy Trail in the chilly 50 degree weather. Immediately kicking myself for not wearing running gloves and feeling a little skeptical about the distance that lay ahead…

katy trail in Dallas

katy trail in Dallas

But I made it through the 5 miles with little to no pain! Here are my stats for the day:

Distance: 5.01

Time: 44:22

Pace: 8:49 min/mil

Calories: 434

Not too shabby! I’ll be back later with some new recipe updates!

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