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Protein Packed Breakfast

Ok….two things were on my mind for this morning’s breakfast: stay away from chocolate peanut butter…..and left over wild boar sausage. I decided to fry up some eggs and sausage! Hey, I did have a vegetarian meal last night…I need the protein right?

In order to start things off right…I brewed some coffee. I picked up a couple new flavors of Keurig coffee’s yesterday at Macy’s. It’s a mixed Holiday Coffee Collectionwith flavors like gingerbread, eggnog, and french toast. French toast sounded intriguing so I popped it in the Keurig.

Ahhh it smelled amazing. While the coffee was brewing I fried up the sausage and eggs (1 egg, 1 egg white…ya know, gotta keep it healthy).

Yes, I may have fried the egg in the leftover juices from the sausage….how could I not?! Gotta keep it healthy delicious! Delicious it was! At least it was leaner sausage than the usual :).

In other news…can you believe Christmas is almost a week away!! I’m going to California on Monday to be with my husband and in-laws and can’t wait!!! Just gotta make it through the weekend…..then Cottonwood Christmas here I come!

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