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Recent Workouts

Yesterday was a great workout day for me. I decided to attempt a long run around White Rock Lake.

White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX

I set my Nike Plus to 60 minutes and told myself to run as much as I could…but take breaks if necessary. I’m proud to say I didn’t take any breaks. It was a great run. The weather was perfect and it was nice to get a change of scenery. Here are the stats I ended up with:

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Pace: 8:10
  • Distance: 7.3
  • Calories: 636

I haven’t ran 7 miles in quite a while. I’m feeling a little sore today, mostly in the calves, but overall pretty good. I didn’t experience any hip or knee pain which is a great! The total distance around White Rock Lake is 10 miles…..that’s something to look forward to next time!

Since I’m going out of town tomorrow (California, yay!) I decided to do a total body workout today. First, I started with the upper body.

  • Bicep 21’s- 3 sets holding 10lb. weights. These are always a great bicep workout. I feel like biceps are tough because you can only think of 1 exercise for them- curls. 21’s break up the curl routine a bit.
  • Tricep Skull Crushers- 3 sets of 15 holding 10 lbs.
  • Chest Flys on Swiss Ball- 3 sets of 15 holding 15 lb. weights.
  • Shoulder Press- 3 sets of 15 holding 10 lb. weights. Instead of lifting both arms at the same time, I lifted one, while holding the other at shoulder height. This way, both shoulders were continuously getting a workout.

Next, was lower body.

  • Goblet Squat- 3 sets of 15 holding a 20lb. weight. These are basically standard squats, just holding a dumbbell with both hands right in front of your chest.  Here’s an example of how to perform these.
  • Hip Abduction- 3 sets of 15 with each leg. I performed these laying on my side on the ground. I could only find a video that shows them standing up attached to a cable machine. That would be a great way to do them too.
  • Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl- 3 sets of 15. These are tough every time I do them. If they feel too easy for you, you can always do them 1 leg at a time. Here’s a great video demonstration.

Next, some ab work.

  • Weighted crunches- 3 sets of 15. I performed these using a 10 pound weight. These are a great ab workout and something you will definitely feel the next day. Here’s an example of how to do them.
  • Plank- 1 minute 3 times.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend! Tonight, I’m going to rest up for my 7am flight in the morning! That’s going to be a little rough…but I can’t wait to get out to California. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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