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Marathon Training: Week 3 Long Run

I laced up my sneakers and headed out for my long run today. I meant to do it yesterday (since I don’t work on Friday’s) but was too busy sitting on my butt. I had NO excuses today. Especially when it came to weather. Maybe I could have used ” it’s too hot?” That’s right, I got HOT running today!! It’s a beautiful 73 degrees here in Dallas.

I headed out on the Katy Trail in shorts and a t-shirt for the first time in quite a while. This was especially obvious when I caught a glimpse of my pasty white legs in the mirror.

I have to say, it felt great sweating and actually feeling the sun. Considering how many people were on the trail today, I think everyone else in Dallas agreed with me.

And yes, I did get a little hot. But I won’t complain! I’ll take the 73 degrees any day! Even with the unusually warm weather, my stats came out pretty good:

Marathon Training: Week 3 Long Run

  • Distance: 6.01 miles- this week the long run was scaled back a bit. Next week’s is back on track with an 11 mile run, ew.
  • Time: 47:08 min/sec
  • Pace: 7:49 min/sec
  • Calories: 520

It was a pretty good run. I was feeling good, no pain. I’ve really been trying to stretch well after my runs this time around. I never really stretched before, which I think was a fatal mistake.

Some stretches I always do after runs are:

  • Piriformis Stretch– I try to hold this stretch for about 30 seconds three times on each leg. I remember the first time I tried this (at the physical therapy clinic I worked at), it was incredibly difficult. I was so tight I could barely hold the stretch. Since I had some hip and knee pain due to my piriformis and IT band, I really try to focus on these two areas when stretching. Here’s a page with multiple runner’s stretches including the piriformis.
  • Piriformis Foam Roll– I use the foam roller and roll the piriformis muscle about 15 times on both legs, at least twice. This is a little difficult to explain so here’s a great video demonstration. If you have a foam roller, I definitely recommend trying this one out.
  • Pigeon Pose– Some of you may know this stretch if you have experience with yoga. I found this to be pretty difficult at first too whenever I took yoga classes (which wasn’t often enough). I try to do this pose after running since it’s a great hip release. I just hold the stretch for about 30 seconds, or honestly, I lose count. It feels good though to just sit in the pose. Here’s an explanation of how to do this correctly.
  • Runner’s Lunge– I’m not sure this is the technical term for what I’m trying to describe. Here’s an example of an actual runner’s lunge. What I do is more of a hip stretch. Instead of standing, I lower the back knee to the ground and kind of shift my weight forward until I feel a stretch in my hips. I usually hold this for about 30 seconds.
  • IT Band Foam Roll– I do usually do 15 rolls on each leg a couple times. I start with the foam roll right about my knee (I’m basically laying on my side, so it rolls up and down the side of your thigh). I just move my body with my arms up and down to roll the foam roller. Try to avoid rolling it over your bones (hip and knee bones). Here’s an explanation.
  • Groin Stretch– 3 times 30 seconds each. I think this is also sometimes called butterfly stretch. I’m sure most of you have done this at one point in your life (probably PE in elementary school). It’s a great stretch for your inner thighs. Here’s an example.

Those are the usual stretches I try to do after each run. I’ll admit, I don’t always do them. But I really should! I’m workin’ on it…

Do you stretch after runs? Do you have any “go to” stretches?

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