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Peanut Butter Predicament

I received a wonderful package this afternoon….something I’ve been anticipating for a few days now. When I heard the UPS man pounding on the door, I jumped up with excitement to greet him. I figured it was either this glorious package….or my Vibrams, either way I couldn’t lose.

I grabbed the box from the UPS man and new right away which one it was: peanut butter! I’m pretty sure my Vibrams weren’t that heavy.

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

ripping into the box

I seriously felt like it was Christmas morning and I was opening the present that I really wished for! That sounds so sad and kind of pathetic that I get that excited over food….I’m a little worried about where this is heading…

Anyway, I got every flavor of Peanut Butter Co.’s peanut butter. How awesome is that?!

ain't no mountain high enough

I’ve been looking forward to trying so many of their flavors…especially Mighty Maple and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.

so beautiful

Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to using the The Heat is On flavor. I think that’ll be delicious in some dinner entrees.

So basically this is my challenge: come up with new, unique recipes involving these peanut butters. Some of them seem kind of obvious (like hot pb in asian dishes, for example), but I’d like to come up with interesting ways to use these other than in my oatmeal. It’ll be a challenge, but a fun one at that!

Do you use peanut butter in any “odd” ways?

So far, I’m thinking of ways to incorporate the flavors into pork dishes (since we have a lifetime supply of wild boar and now peanut butter). Literally, our freezer is packed with pork it’s crazy.

hog heaven (sorry couldn't resist)

We have about 60 pounds of pork in the freezer.

10 pounder

I was thinking we could definitely do a peanut butter sauce with the pork backstrap. Maybe even maple peanut butter sausage? We’ll see….

We got pretty ambitious today and bought some sausage casings. That’s right, we’re taking it to the next level- making bratwurst!

I’m not sure how well peanut butter would go with bratwurst…..but it could? Maybe in a pasta dish? Or some type of sauce? I got a lot of brainstorming to do!! Suggestions are definitely welcome.

In the meantime, I’ll probably just eat the pb out of the jar :). Hope you all have a great weekend!

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