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9 miles…again.

Like I mentioned earlier, today’s plan was to run the long run that was originally planned for Friday. Since I had a fever on Friday, 9 miles was sort of out of the question. I wasn’t even sure doing that distance today was a great idea since I still have a cough. But I went for it anyway!

Overall, it went okay. Not as fast as I had hoped but could have been worse. There were only two points during the run where I almost lost it :). My calves were hurting big time today and I just felt tired…pretty frustrating. When I feel tired, these irritating thoughts pop into my head that I’ll never be able to qualify for Boston.

I know those are just silly thoughts that I should brush off but they always come. They always come during runs too which is sort of a bad time! Anyway, I finished the 9 miles with no (serious) pain so all I can do is keep pushing towards that goal.

Here were my stats from today:

Marathon Training: Week 7 (week 6’s long run)

  • Distance: 9 miles
  • Time: 1:15:14 hr/min/sec
  • Pace: 8:20 min/sec
  • Calories: 643

I’m pretty sore already, but I’ll live. I actually just finished watching “Spirit of the Marathon” for the second time. It’s a great documentary, very inspiring! It follows different people all training for the Chicago Marathon- first timers, Olympic athletes, etc. It definitely reminds me of those excited feelings you get the day of a race.

To keep my motivation up, I’m thinking about reading “Born to Run.” I’ve heard that’s a great book. Anyone out there read it? Thoughts?

How do you stay motivated?

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  • Glad you’re feeling good enough to get in that run-that’s a great pace regardless to what you think:) I’ve heard about born to run-i’m thinking about putting it on my ipad…Without limits is a great movie to get you motivated to run too!

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