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Dallas Farmer’s Market

Today was quite an adventurous day. My friend Tracie and I went to check out the famous Dallas Farmer’s Market (famous in Dallas…). Turns out, it’s not in the best neighborhood Dallas has to offer so I’m glad Tracie was with me for the ride. I got the impression that the market is usually bigger than it was today since there were several empty tents surrounding the the main tent. The market’s open every day of the week, which is great!

The weather today was kind of nice for a walk at the Farmer’s Market. It was overcast and reminded me of mornings in California.

the great yogini

I have to say, this Farmer’s Market reminded me more of an outside grocery store. It was clear they weren’t just selling what was in season or local (considering there were bananas, papayas, avocados, watermelon).

I had no problem with that though! We had a nice selection of fruits and vegetables. There were plenty of samples too which I definitely appreciate.

cute baskets of apples

We ended up getting some berries, oranges, red peppers, and grapes. ┬áIt was hard not to buy more because everything looked so great! I had to remind myself that I already had fruit and veggies at home….so take it easy!

tow maters!

The prices were reasonable and the produce was delicious. It was a successful trip to the Farmer’s Market! I’d love to go back on a Saturday and see if there are more vendors.

After our trip to the market, we decided to go to another market, Whole Foods. We picked up a couple things we need for our vegan-fest tomorrow night.

We ended the day with a run. It was pretty humid today in Dallas, but cool enough that the humidity felt good. I like a good sweat sometimes. Here were today’s stats:

Marathon Training: Week 7

  • Distance: 7.00 miles
  • Time: 56 minutes
  • Pace: 8:14 min/sec
  • Calories: 600 (give or take…I didn’t have the heart rate monitor on)

The run was tough at first, but after the first few miles it became easier. We had a fun night last night filled with lots of food (and drinks) so I’m happy I just made it through this run!

Tomorrow will be a fun day. We have a whole meal planned out for tomorrow night-all vegan. They sound pretty delicious too so it should be fun!

Hope you all have a great Thursday and almost Friday :).

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