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Back in the Game

I was not a good marathon trainee while I was gone. I didn’t run (or workout in any way…unless you count walking to food vendors) once while I was gone. So, it’s been a solid 2 weeks since I last ran. While I was gone I thought, “I should be good. I’ve been training well so far. It won’t be hard to get back in the game.” Well, turns out, it kind of is.

On Friday (day after I got back), I went out for a three mile run. A run I thought would be (and should be at this point) an easy warm up. It was not.

I was huffing and puffing my red bloated face around our new Plano neighborhood. I made it through the 3 miles, but not without stopping a few times. Definitely disappointing.

Today, I went out again for a 3 miler. It was a little better, but I think I’m just frustrated with how hard it feels. I was hoping I’d get 5 miles in today but I cut it at 3.3 miles. Here were today’s sad stats (wa waaa):

Marathon Training (sort of):

  • Distance: 3.28 miles
  • Time: 27:44 minutes/seconds
  • Pace: 8:25 minutes/seconds
  • Calories: 284

So there we go! I guess this week, I’m going to just concentrate on shorter runs to get my body back into it.

Yesterday I did a last minute training session here in my apartment. I usually find home workouts tough. I get distracted way too easily! It’s just so easy to pause Jillian Michael’s and get on Facebook. But last night, I made it through the workout! I took myself and my music into another room, wrote down my workout, and got to work. It was another Cross Fit inspired workout…never fails!

I did 10 rounds, 10 sets each!

  • Pushups– 100 total! Yikes! My chest is crazy sore today. Another example of the lack of exercise I’ve had in the past few weeks. These pushups were tough!
  • Sit-ups- No crunches here! Full sit-ups baby! I hate sit-ups.
  • Triceps Dips- This was the “easy” one. But not really.
  • Shoulder Press- I used 8 pound weights for these.
  • Squats- Standard squats!

This was definitely a good, relatively short workout. It feels good to be sore today…I kinda missed that.


Do you prefer working out at home or in the gym? Any good workout dvd recommendations? Happy Tuesday!

3 comments to Back in the Game

  • I do prefer to workout at the gym. But, with a little one at home, it isn’t always possible, so I do a mix of both. I teach fitness classes (spinning), so that is a workout for me. I usually do some running on treadmil, weights, etc. If I workout at home, I prefer Jillian Michaels- 6 week, 6 pack or Yoga Meltdown are my 2 favorites now. I also enjoy Billy Blanks boot camp.

  • I don’t have a gym membership, so if I am not out running, then I am either doing P90x (for some weight training), insanity, or brazil butt lift for some more toning/weights.

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