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I set out today for a 5 mile run. It wasn’t as good as my run the other day, but I still completed all 5 miles at a fairly good pace. I need to stop running in the middle of the day, it’s getting a little too warm  (that’s what I like to blame it on). Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt a real long run, possibly 16 miles? Honestly, the thought of that sounds awful. I try to keep thinking about being a “finisher” and the feeling I’ll have if I qualify for Boston. But man, it’s hard to keep that motivation up.

The marathon is 4 weeks from Sunday. Technically, I should have already ran 19 miles, planning on a 20 mile run next week. Well, clearly I’m creating my own training schedule at this point. I might try to do 16, 18, 20, then taper to 8. In the schedule I’ve been following (I use that term loosely), there are two weeks of tapering: a long run of 12 then one of 8. Unfortunately, I’m running out of time! So hopefully this will work too. It’s pretty amazing how much time and training goes into prepping for a few hours one day. Crazy!

Here were my stats from today’s run:

Marathon Training: Week 14 (I guess?)

  • Distance: 5.01 miles
  • Time: 41:54 min/sec
  • Pace: 8:21 min/sec (wish it was faster….but overall, not too bad).
  • Calories: 433

I’ve been experiencing some major nerve pinching in my left pinky toe. This has happened before so I just loosened my shoes, and it went away. That hasn’t worked this time. It’s weird because honestly, I have very narrow feet so I’m not sure what the problem could be, maybe circulation? I’ve thought about buying some compression socks to wear at night. Compression socks are actually made for diabetics, but runner’s have been sporting them more and more. The idea is that they improve oxygen delivery to the muscles therefore aiding in muscle recovery. Apparently, they do help after a run, during a run? Not so much. I’m sure if they would make a difference in the nerve issue in my foot so I’ll think about it (they aren’t cheap, usually about $40 bucks).

After my run today, I dove into some chia pudding I made last night. I found the recipe on Une Vie Saine’s website: it just looked too good to pass up! I changed up the ingredients just slightly…here is the recipe I used:

Chia Chocolate Banana Pudding

  • 3 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder (I used dark cocoa)
  • 1 cup skim milk- the original recipe uses Almond milk
  • Half a banana, sliced up
  • 1 packet of splenda
  • handful of blueberries

I mixed all these goodies in a bowl (except the blueberries) and refrigerated overnight. The chia seeds, when left in liquid, sort of gelatinize and create a nice pudding texture.

mm puddin'

I added up the calories in the ingredients and I think more or less, this dish is about 350 calories. You could take it down a little if you took out 1 tbsp of chia (which is 60 cals a tbsp) or used Almond milk.

It was really good though! I will definitely make this again. Maybe for dessert tonight?

Along with my yummy pudding, I spread a laughing cow cheese on a piece of wheat toast, along with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, and a couple slices of avocado. Oh, and hot sauce of course!

Good lunch! Now it’s time to get some stuff done before work tonight…like this:

Yes, we have a raccoon family living on our roof. At least we think so. I guess it could also be a homeless guy…or group of cats. We’re going with raccoons! They’ve been making our nights interesting by running around nonstop! I hate to kick them out of their home….but unless they start sleeping at night, they gotta go!

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