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Gettin’ My Groove Back

Today ended up being a pretty good day. It was no half marathon (congrats to all the DC and Dallas Rock and Roll finishers!), but it was definitely an improvement from the past few runs I’ve had. While at work this morning, I sat a group of girls that looked like athletes. I noticed one was wearing a New York City Marathon shirt so I assumed they were runners. It was weird how seeing other people, obviously runners (probably good ones), made me miss the feeling of being a proud runner.

Next, I sat a group of people who just finished the Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon. This group was pretty obvious since one girl was wearing short running shorts with compression socks, and both people were limping through the doorway. The first thing I wanted to do though was talk about the race! How was it?! I think they were a little too tired (and hungry) to chat with me about their race experience. But I really wanted to! As I walked away from their table, I read the back of her shirt and it said “finisher.” Somehow the word “finisher” hit me hard. I want to be a finisher. I want to finish the Eugene Marathon and do it well.

The motivation that was slipping away this past week has definitely been creeping back. I took advantage of this motivational moment I was having and went for a run. My original plan was just 3 miles ( I also had a long talk with my dad, a doctor, about what traveling to the other side of the world, therefore changing eating times, sleeping times, etc. does to your body. Lesson of the day was: be patient!), but I ended up running 6!

I was so happy and pleased with myself after the run! I could feel the motivation and excitement coming back during the run, which was a great feeling. Here were today’s stats:

  • Distance: 6.01 miles
  • Time: 48:03 minutes/seconds
  • Pace: 7:59 min/mile
  • Calories: 520

Good pace too! I kept trying to tell myself to slow down…don’t push it! I tried to listen to my body: if it hurt, I would stop. If I couldn’t breath, slow down or stop. But everything felt good. I do have to say my calves are already sore, so it was definitely a good workout.

Hopefully,this is a good start to the end of my marathon training. Maybe Boston could be in my future after all…. :).

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