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8 Mile.

Following the schedule of the 18 mile long run week, one of the “shorter” runs is 8 miles. It’s funny when 8 miles is considered a short run because it is definitely not. I set out Thursday morning (I actually got up!) and started my run. I have to admit, early morning runs are really nice. There are no people on the trails, it’s cool outside, and the air just feels different. It’s a little more peaceful early in the morning. In a way, it reminds me of the 1 time I went surfing in Malibu around 6 a.m (I made it out of bed once yay!). It was brutal getting up, but the ocean was so peaceful, not rough at all. It was the perfect time and place to learn how to surf. Since then, I’ve tried surfing a couple more times and pretty much almost drowned every time. Turns out, it’s really hard! Of course, my husband is awesome at it (he’s just so perfect :)). Anyway, I don’t think about the hard times, I think about the 1 time it was really fun…that early morning surfing experience.

The run was pretty good. I tried not to rush myself, just concentrate on the distance. It actually helps me to think about half the distance. For example, when I ran the 16 miles last week, I told myself, “Okay, only 8 miles….I can do 8 miles.” Then of course, after 8 I turn around and do 8 more. But at that point, I just tell myself, “All I need to do is get back. Just head back home!” It’s one of the many mental games you play with yourself when trying to run a ridiculous distance. What they say is definitely true, marathon training (probably any training) is mostly mental. The physical aspect will come. But man it really is a mental sport. If your head’s not in it, it’s so much harder to complete those distances.

Here were my stats from the 8 miler:

Marathon Training: Week 15

  • Distance: 8.01 miles
  • Time: 1 hour 6 minutes
  • Calories: 540
  • Pace: 8:17 min/sec

It was under my 8:20 goal pace so, good enough! When race time approaches, I’d like to keep my pace around 8:00 min/mile just to be safe. But it definitely needs to be under 8:20 in order to barely qualify for Boston. Of course, I don’t really want to “barely” qualify but I’ll do the best I can!

Technically, the marathon schedule for week 15 calls for the 20 mile long run, but I’m a little off. I actually set my alarm this morning to run 18 miles but of course, didn’t get up! Tomorrow I gotta get my butt out of bed! It’s too hot during the day to run (90 today!).

Anyway, after my run I tried a new smoothie. I picked up a trial packet of Vega the other day so decided to throw it into a smoothie after my run. I combined the chocolate Vega, banana, spinach, coconut milk, and water.

It has pretty good nutrition facts. No sugar, lots of protein and fiber.

The result I have to say, was disgusting. I’m not blaming the Vega though, I think it might have been the coconut milk. The smoothie was weirdly sweet so maybe next time I’ll try regular milk. I drank that baby down though…but it did not taste good! It basically tasted how it looked:

mm puke green

Not the best of smoothies. Vega, I will give you another chance at some point I promise!


Runners, how do you get up early for your long runs? Or, do you? How do you stay motivated during such a long training process?

I’m still motivated (barely), but I am looking forward to getting this race done! I miss going to the gym, taking classes and just working out because I enjoy it. Running is starting to feel like a task and definitely like a pain in my rear. I know the race will be a lot of fun because they always are! The hardest part for sure is training. But, 3 weeks from tomorrow is race day! Almost time!!

5 comments to 8 Mile.

  • I know I sincerely struggle with getting up in the morning and working out. I easily fit it into my nights though, after dinner because then I can just take a shower and go to bed – clean and tired 🙂 Can’t help much with the motivation part because I’m still in the first week of my first big training program.

  • Love your blog girl! 🙂

    And I can completely relate to the feeling of how strange it is when 8 or even 5 miles seems short. I never thought at the beginning of my marathon training that I would ever say that! But after you run 18 or 20 miles, it is quite amazing to see how far you have come! I know you are going to ROCK your marathon! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • I know what you mean about running feeling like a task. The last weeks of marathon training I felt like I had the burden of running always hanging over my head, which made me sad because I was starting to be annoyed by running (which I normally love). Hang in there though and it will pay off soon! 🙂

    Usually I’m so excited/nervous for a long run that I easily hop out of bed. When that’s not the case, I tell myself that I have a busy day so I absolutely have to leave at the right time to stay on schedule.

  • I don’t know about the long runs part, but I do have to say I’m a Vega fan. I have the chai version that I adore. I used to throw it into a smoothie with frozen bananas, almonds, oats and spinach. What flavor are you using?

    PS I’m really excited about your marathon! You’re going to do great. 🙂

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