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Funny Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone! I’m pretty excited for the weekend mostly because it’s one step closer to this next week! Next week is going to be a BIG week for us. It’s my last day of work (I’m really broken up about that…not! <— yeah, I’ve decided to bring that back), we’re moving all of our stuff into a storage unit (FYI, not looking forward to that), heading to Oregon for the marathon (woo hoo!), then to California for a few days with the in-laws, then to Cleveland for a couple months. We were originally going to fly from California straight to Cleveland, but we decided to come back to Dallas and drive there. Road trip! Any recommendations on good places to stop between Dallas and Cleveland? Like, um maybe Memphis, Tennessee or Louisville, Kentucky? Definitely areas of the county I’ve never seen.

Anyway, we still have a lot to do between today and next week. For me personally, that includes running (not quite done with training…). Yesterday, I decided to split up my 4 mile run into 2 mile runs because I had the intention of running 8 miles today. Well, that didn’t quite work out. I got up a little too late and it was already 80 degrees. So, I’m setting my sights on Sunday morning. Maybe Cliff can hide Easter eggs on the trail to motivate me? So, today I ran the other 2 miles to complete my 4. It was pretty toasty to be running outside so 2 miles was plenty. Plus I’m still having major issues with nerve pain in my pinky toe so that doesn’t make it very enjoyable. I’m going to try some Tiger Balm on it to see if that helps.

Here were my running stats from yesterday and today’s run:

Marathon Training: Week 17

  • Distance: 2.00 miles, 2.00 miles
  • Pace: 8:00 min/sec
  • Time: 16:00 minutes
  • Calories: 140

Yesterday, I did a little ab work after my run. I did plank 3 times for 1 minute, bicycle crunches-3 sets of 15, and regular crunches-3 sets of 15.


So, I know on a lot of blogs there are different themes for different days, like “What I Ate Wednesday” or “Fit Friday.” I decided that I would make Friday’s for my blog, Funny Friday. I really enjoy hilarious videos, movies, jokes, etc. Anything that gives me a good laugh basically.

I recently watched (for the thousandth time) SNL’s Best of Chris Farley. It literally never gets old. Those sketches are timeless. I found one in particular to be funny because it’s one of those situations that you think to yourself, what if that actually happened? You can almost see the ridiculous headline…


Be careful out there…you could be caught on hidden camera!

Hope you enjoyed the video! There are about a million more where that came from! Have a great weekend, happy Easter!

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