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High Intensity Circuit Training

I got through my final long run before the marathon. It was an 8 miler, so nothing too crazy, but it was still tough to get through. I had another late morning (by late, I mean 9) so by the time I got outside to run, it was pretty toasty. The humidity here yesterday was nasty. But I got through it! It was harder than a lot of my previous runs, I think because of the heat, so I went slower than usual. Here were yesterday’s stats:

Marathon Training: Week 17

  • Distance: 8.01 miles
  • Time: 1:09:04 hr/min/sec
  • Pace: 8:38 min/sec
  • Calories: 540

Last long run, yay! This week will be a breeze. The training consists of 3 miles tomorrow, 2 miles the next day, and 2 miles on Saturday. Then of course, the marathon on Sunday! As of today, the weather in Eugene is supposed to be perfect: partly cloudy and 64 degrees! I got an email today with my official bib number: 801! Can’t wait!


On to today’s workout. I wanted to do something a little different since I feel like I’ve been in a workout slump recently (mostly because of the running). I found a great circuit session on the Fitnessista’s website and decided to give it a try in my apartment. We got all of our furniture moved out today so there’s plenty of room for workouts! All I used were 8lb. weights and my body weight! That’s really all I needed…my arms are definitely shaking right now!

I started by warming up with 25 squats, 20 sit ups, and 20 pushups. Then onto the circuit…

  • Burpees with tuck jump and pushup. Standing up, I first jumped up bringing both knees to my chest then, once I landed, I immediately threw my legs back into a plank position, did a pushup, then brought myself back to standing. That was 1 rep. I did a total of 20. These are a great to incorporate some cardio into a strength training session.

Circuit #1

  • Overhead Shoulder Press- using my 8lb. weights, I started with my arms at 90 degrees, elbows at shoulder level. Then just pushed my arms up and straight then back down again. I completed 15 reps
  • Overhead Triceps Extension- Holding both weights in my hands, I held my arms straight above my head. Next, I bent my elbows so my forearms were behind my upper arms, then straightened my arms up again. I completed 15 reps.
  • V- Ups– Laying on the ground with my arms above my head, straight, and my legs out in front of me, straight, I crunched up bring my legs and arms towards each other, the whole time keeping them straight. I did 15 reps.

I went through this circuit 3 times then did another cardio session!

Squat and Vertical Jumps- I did three squat jumps then 1 vertical jump which is basically just pretending you’re shooting a basketball. The three squat jumps and 1 vertical jump was 1 rep, I did a total of 20. These were exhausting! My butt will definitely be sore tomorrow!

Circuit #2

  • Rows– These were just standard free weight rows. I did 15 reps.
  • Pushups– I tried to complete as many as I could with my knees off the ground. No girly pushups! Well, there were definitely a few…I finished 15 reps.
  • Oblique Twist with Free Weight– Holding an 8lb. weight in between both hands, I brought my knees up in table top position, so they were off the ground. Keeping balanced, I twisted my torso right and left, that was 1 rep. I did a total of 15.

I completed 3 rounds of this circuit too!

Circuit #3

This was an ab circuit. I guess it wasn’t really a circuit since I just went through each exercise once, but did a lot of reps!

  • Sit-ups-Old school, standard sit-ups! I completed 50 reps, but definitely took a break after 25.
  • Crunches- Standard crunches! Did 50 of these too!

This was a great workout! I really like incorporating the burpees and squat jumps . That makes the whole workout a lot more challenging and gets your heart pumpin’! I think that’s key to burning fat-keeping your heart rate up while strength training. The high intensity workout style really works!

Hope you all had a great Easter! We’ve been packing like crazy getting ready for the move to Cleveland!

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