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Home Workout

Yesterday I completed my 3 mile run for the week. I love the training in the next week. The mileage is so low, it’s great! It actually seems doable! All I have left this week is 8 miles (which actually sounds annoying…I know it shouldn’t after 20 miles!), and 4 miles. Today, I might do my 4 miler or I was thinking about splitting it up in 2 runs, so I’m not doing 4 miles before my 8. Or maybe I’m just being lazy and don’t even want to do 4 miles! 🙂

On to yesterday’s run. Here were the stats:

Marathon Training: Week 17

  • Distance: 3.00 miles
  • Time: 23: 45 min/sec
  • Pace: 7:55 min/sec
  • Calories: 245

It was a pretty good run. Short and sweet, just the way I like ’em. Since I was only running 3 miles, I decided to do a mini-arm workout too when I got home. I have 8lb. weights and a resistance band, so I tackled a short arm circuit in my living room (which is a very small space considering we have boxes everywhere…again!).

Here was the circuit:

  • Isometric Bicep Curls– 3 sets of 15 with 8lb. weights. It’s been a while since I’ve done these so they were pretty challenging even with the 8lb. weights. This is the kind of exercise that’s pretty tiring no matter what weight you use. It’s a great workout for your biceps and introduces a little variety to standard bicep curls. Here’s an explanation of how to do these properly.
  • Triceps Dips– 3 sets of 15. I did these on my coffee table. They’re basically like backwards pushups (if that makes sense). Facing away from the table (or chair, bench, etc.), my hands were on the edge of the table holding my body up. Then, I bent my elbows, dipping down, then back up again.
  • External Rotation with Resistance Band– 3 sets of 15 on both sides. This exercise can be performed a couple different ways. I did it standing up, holding a resistance band. I started with my arms at 90 degrees (elbows at my rib cage), and palms facing up. With my right hand holding the band steady, my left arm rotated out towards the side of my body, keeping the 90 degree angle and elbow at my ribs the whole time, then back again. It’s a pretty tough workout. It hits parts of your shoulder that aren’t worked that often. I actually learned this exercise while working in a physical therapy clinic.
  • Pushups– 3 sets of 15. Just standard pushups!

That was my mini-circuit! It was a pretty good, quick workout after a quick run.


After my workout, I had an awesome protein shake! I bought some fresh pineapple the other day and decided to make a tropical smoothie with it, some frozen mango, and banana.

It turned out really good! I need to start buying frozen pineapple for summer smoothies! Of course, yesterday it dropped back down to the 60’s so I think the weather here is a little confused on whether to be hot or cold right now.

It’s almost Friday! Happy Thursday ya’ll!

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