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Hot In Cleveland

I’ll get to the title of this post in a minute. But first, breakfast!

I’ve only tried overnight oats twice and they were pretty plain, but there was something about them that I really liked. They were thick and creamy like regular heated oatmeal, but believe it or not, tasted pretty good cold. It sounds a little funky, but it actually does work! Since I had more ingredients laying around this time around, I decided to give overnight oats another try.

I mixed 1/2 cup oats, little less than a half can of pumpkin, 1/2 cup nonfat milk, spoonful of peanut butter, and a dash of cinnamon. I mixed it all up, covered, and refrigerated it overnight (hence overnight oats!).

This morning, I mixed it up again and added half a banana, dash of maple syrup, and chia seeds.

I think the pumpkin made the oats even creamier than usual. Just like the smoothie the other day! I have to say, I’m loving pumpkin as a thickening agent. I used it in enchiladas the other night and could barely taste the pumpkin, but the filling was a great texture.

This turned out really good. It’s a prefect summer breakfast, when it’s a little too hot outside for oatmeal, try chilled overnight oats! It keeps you full like regular oatmeal but isn’t hot! Perfect!

Good breakfast! Today was yet another day where I meant to get up at 7:15 to go run! I set my alarm…and, well, you know the ending to this story….ended up getting up at 9. That means I’ll end up running around 11…not a good time!

In other news, today’s a bit of a stressful day since I’m quitting my job today. This is always an awkward conversation no matter what the reason is. Luckily, my reason is one you can’t argue with: we’re moving. Yep, we’re moving again. You’re probably getting deja vu of us just moving into this apartment (yeah, that was about a month ago), that’s funny I’m getting deja vu too! Didn’t we just unpack these boxes? Luckily we actually haven’t even unpacked everything…we still have boxes in the garage! 🙂

We’re temporarily moving to Cleveland for my husband’s job. Yep, Cleveland. I’ve never actually been to Cleveland so I can’t say a thing until we get there. All I know is, we’re leaving 2 weeks from today (technically leaving to Oregon, but from Oregon flying to Cleveland). My husband’s in Cleveland right now looking for a place.

All I can do is look on the bright side. We’ve lived in so many different cities across the country it’s pretty incredible. In the past five years I’ve lived in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Phoenix, Chicago (2 places), Dallas (2 places), now Cleveland. I feel like we’ve hit every coast or part of the country except the east coast. Maybe New York City or Boston next? Hubby says “no way” but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Ultimately, I think we’d like to end up in Northern California. So, if Cleveland is another step in that direction (not literally), then Cleveland, here we come!

Have you ever been to Cleveland? Thoughts? Have you moved around a lot or stayed put?

9 comments to Hot In Cleveland

  • Wow, you have lived everywhere!
    i’ve only lived in two cities/states. 🙁

    • Amy

      hah yeah i try to look at like in a good way…it has been fun and interesting to experience lots of places…but the lack of stability and hassle of moving is super frustrating!! so there’s definitely pro’s and con’s to either i guess…

  • I’ve never been to Cleveland, but I’m excited for y’all to have another adventure together. I think these types of things really grow a marriage closer! I know the pain of packing and moving, but try to take it day by day and get things checked off your to-do list. 🙂

    Adding pumpkin to enchiladas is genius! And I plan to bring overnight oats back into my life when Lent is over. I miss my cereal!

  • I am from Michigan so Cleveland is only about 2.5 hours from Detroit area. I have been to Cleveland. Not a bad city. Check out the lake front, maybe a Cleveland Indians game. You can always find fun everywhere! Definitely a plus you are moving in the summer. 🙂

  • Never been to Cleveland but I live in Northern California now. The cold is crazy! I can’t wait to get back to LA! I hope you like Cleveland!

    • Amy

      where are you living in norther california? we lived in san fran and palo alto for a little…but there are so many nice places to live there!!! i lived in la one summer too…you basically cant go wrong wherever you are in cali!

  • I love overnight oats although I’ve never added pumpkin to mine. The chia seeds really do make all the difference 😀 Yours look yummy

  • Erin Allen

    When Brent and I moved to the east coast we drove cross country and stayed in Cleveland one night. We were surprised at how much we liked it. We were only there for one night so I cant say too much, but the downtown was great and there were a lot of local/organic/foodie restaurants to choose from. Brent and I are moving again too, just to a temporary, while we house shop. So we will have moved 4 times in a year too!

    • Amy

      That’s great to hear about cleveland! I feel like when I tell people we’re going to cleveland they laugh hah as in, oh that sucks. but my husband does seem to think ill like the area were going to so we’ll see! just another city to check out so it’ll be fun. ya moving definitely gets old..but you’re buying a house! That’s awesome! So you’ll be a little more stable…congrats!

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