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Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

I’m closin’ in on the last few weeks of marathon training. This week is my longest run, 20 miles! It’s intimidating, but afterwards I feel like I’ll be physically and mentally ready for the race. Besides the 20 mile run (which I’m planning for Saturday) I have three days of 5 mile runs this week. I had to take the husband to the airport pretty early this morning, so luckily I was out of bed by 6, no snoozin’ today! After dropping him off, I headed out for my run.

Today felt pretty good. By “felt good” I mostly mean mentally. That’s what I’ve been struggling with the most lately so I was happy today. Physically, I was actually having a little trouble today. I still feel some bad nerve pinching off and on in my left pinky toe as well as nerve pain down the back of my right leg. I tried to watch my pace today since I’m so close to race time, I don’t want any injuries!

The more races I run, the more I realize how hard these distances are on my body. I try to do everything right (I’m no doctor…so maybe I do things wrong?) but so far after races I’ve had IT band syndrome, piriformis syndrome, bursitis in my knees, snapping hip (sounds made up), and now nerve pain. I guess it seems kind of obvious that running 26.2 miles is not good for the body, but it’s hard to stop when that challenge is what motivates me. Maybe after this (and after Boston 🙂 ), I’ll stick to half marathon’s or possibly triathlons? I think tri’s look really fun, but I would need to start from the beginning. I haven’t rode a bike in literally, like 12 years. But I guess it’s as easy as, riding a bike?

Here are my stats from today’s run:

Marathon Training: Week 16

  • Distance: 5.01 miles
  • Time: 39:17 min/sec
  • Pace: 7:50 min/mile
  • Calories: 433

It was kind of a fast pace, but I felt pretty good so I’m happy with it!

After my run, I came home and made a really yummy smoothie. I had half a can of pumpkin in my fridge leftover from dinner the other night (pumpkin enchiladas…so good! Too sore to take pics 🙁  ), so I decided to whip up a smoothie a la Live Laugh Eat. Here are the ingredients I used:

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

  • scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • half cup fat free milk
  • half a banana
  • half can of pumpkin
  • dash of cinnamon
  • few ice cubes

This was so good. It was really thick and creamy, I think from the pumpkin? I really liked this smoothie a lot! Keepin’ fall flavors alive in spring time!

This might be pretty good with chocolate protein powder too? I ran out of chocolate so I had it with vanilla and it was awesome! Hope ya’ll have a great Wednesday!

5 comments to Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

  • You know I was just thinking that I miss pumpkin and all pumpkin flavored things like oats and smoothies. I usually just naturally use it during fall. I think it needs to make a comeback!

  • So glad you enjoyed it!! I feel weird drinking/eating pumpkin this time of year but it’s not that fall-ish you know? Kinda springy too since it’s a smoothie. That’s what I tell myself.

  • Melissa Metsch

    What part of your leg hurts? Calf, thigh? If its your thigh could it be your sciatic nerve?

    • Amy

      yeah i think it is bc it runs down the back of my right thigh and butt cheek..that usually means sciatic i think. basically my dad said theres nothing u can do (unless ur to the point u cant walk) except stop running…which im not gonna do haha. sooo not even gonna ask for anymore advice! 🙂 after the race ill stop i swear

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