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Boot Camp!

I love finding new workout combinations, so I was pretty excited when I found a gem in last month’s Oxygen magazine. It’s designed to be somewhat of a boot camp, giving you a couple strength exercises with cardio sprinkled throughout. I think incorporating strength exercises and cardio is the best way to burn calories and become stronger. That’s honestly one of the reasons I like lifting weights is because I actually start to feel stronger. It feels pretty good!

People (especially women), tend to rely on cardio only to keep their weight in check. Although cardio burns a significant amount of calories, lifting weights forces your body to continue burning calories even after the workout is over. So, incorporating both into your workout seems to make sense! Anyway, here’s the workout we did:

We did each exercise in order repeating the whole circuit twice.

  1. Staggered Pushup– I actually did chest presses on a swiss ball in place of the staggered pushup. My left wrist has been hurting quite a bit so pushups were out! The difference between a staggered versus regular pushup is for a staggered, one hand is about 6 inches in front of the other. We did 12 reps on each arm (well, my hubby did).
  2. Chest Press to Skullcrusher– We did 12 reps and I used 12 pound weights in both hands (you can also use a barbell). I just did a regular chest press, then flipped my wrists and went right into a skull crusher. I did these on a swiss ball just to make it a little tougher.
  3. Cardio Interval: Jump Squats- 30 seconds! Jump squats are just terrible! I mean that in a good way. They are zero fun to do, but man they work your butt out big time! So, this is the first cardio “break” and by no means is it a break.
  4. Lunge with Torso Rotation– 12 reps on both legs holding a 12lb. weight. These are (sort of) exactly what they sound like. When you step forward and lunge, let’s say with your right leg, your arms go straight out (holding the dumbbell between them), then they rotate towards the right. Then, step off that right leg back to starting position. So, you’re not only working your legs, but also your obliques with that rotation.
  5. Cross Body Hammer Curl– 15 reps on both arms using 12lb. weights. Starting with the weights in both hands, arms by your side, and palms facing your thighs, bend your right arm across your body towards your left shoulder. Then, slowly bring it back down and repeat with the left arm.
  6. Cardio Interval: Squat Jump-1 minute! Longest minute of my life!
  7. Plie Squat with Calf Raise– 15 reps holding 12lb. weight with both hands. This squat is a little different than standard squats. You start with your legs pretty wide, toes facing out. Hold the dumbbell with both hands in between your legs so your arms are (almost) straight facing towards the floor. Next, you squat from there, come back up, then come up onto your toes completing a calf raise. That’s 1 rep!
  8. External Band Rotation– 15 reps on both arms using a green thera tube. Grab one of the handles on the band, for example, with your right hand, and grab the rubber part just a few inches from the handle with your left hand. Both arms should start at 90 degrees with elbows at your sides. Next, rotate your right shoulder to move your hand towards the side of your body. Then, slowly return to the starting position. Try to remember to keep your elbows in!
  9. Cardio Interval: Squat Jumps- 30 seconds! Back down to 30 seconds…which isn’t so least for the first 10 seconds. Then it’s pretty rough!
  10. Plank– Holding for 1 minute. Regular old plank! This is such a simple exercise but is always difficult!

We were going to repeat the whole circuit three times, but were pretty pooped after 2. This was a great workout! Those jump squats will get ya every time. I’m pretty sure those will never get easy. The lunges with rotation were pretty tough too. Maybe because of the weight? Or maybe just because they’re hard!

Do you have any” go to” exercise to get beach ready?

1 comment to Boot Camp!

  • ohh I love this workout! especially the jump squats (also hate and am terrible at!) the staggered push ups and the lunge with core rotation. Now that the weather is so lovely I like to incorporate body weight strength moves into my runs so I can stay outside as long as possible 🙂

    You’re so right that the combination of strength and cardio is best for health and fitness. (I add in a little yoga as well for stress relief and injury prevention) 🙂

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