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Recipe Inspiration

Now that we’re all settled in Cleveland, it’s time to start the homemade meals again! No more eating out (at least no more for today :). We’re still adjusting to our new place, that includes the tiny kitchen and lack of tools. I had big plans of making homemade “Lara” bars until I realized that we stored our food processor. I still have big plans of making homemade wheat bread, but we don’t have our mixer. I’m pretty sure that I can do without, although I think we still need some mixing bowls, etc. I was so well equipped before moving! Now, very much back to basics.

On the other hand, it is nice to just move into a place that’s already furnished. We didn’t have to worry about moving our furniture or hanging pictures on the wall. Just brought our bags up and that was that! Moving is so exhausting, it’s kind of nice not to have to literally move all your stuff too!

We did bring a few kitchen items that I simply can’t live without. One being our Keurig coffee maker. I’m glad we brought it too because they actually do not furnish a coffee maker.  Unfortunately, there’s very little room in our kitchen so the coffee maker currently resides on the floor next to the T.V.

I have some amazing coffee I could not store! It’s Island Coconut flavored…it’s so yummy!

I think I’m gonna need to buy an extension cord. I’m not sure having the coffee maker on the floor is the best idea…

Since I was finally able to reconnect with my long lost love, Trader Joe’s, I also decided to rekindle the old flame with a certain cereal…


Puffins! Specifically, peanut butter puffins. They are so amazing! I stopped buying them because I have zero self control when they’re around. I’ll eat a whole box in like, 2 days. That’s quite a bit of cereal…But I figured I was older and more mature now so I should be able to contain myself. I’m not sure I can though…

This picture is tempting me to go have another bowl…but I won’t, I swear!

Since we’ve been moving and traveling so much, it’s been a while since I’ve made a home cooked meal. Even though our kitchen is small (I’m just now realizing I need to buy a frying pan…like now), I want to get back to cooking more. It’s fun to get in the kitchen and experiment with different recipes. I’m just lacking a little inspiration…

I checked around online today in search of delicious looking recipes and found more than a few I want to try. Here are some favorites:

Runny Egg’s Ranch Biscuits

Oh, biscuits. You’re always so delicious. These look perfectly fluffy I gotta try ’em!

drool worthy


Bess Be Fit’s Whole Wheat Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Love pancakes! Any excuse to eat any kind! I always try to make them healthy but they don’t always turn out good. These look pretty tasty and healthy!


Smoothie Girl Eats Too Microwave Protein Fudge Muffins

I stare at this recipe all the time because it looks amazing and is so simple! I need to stop staring and make it now!


All Recipe’s Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Okay, I really want to make homemade bread. I’ve made flavored breads before like banana, pumpkin, etc. but never wheat bread or simple white bread. So, I’m challenging myself to make homemade wheat bread! First, I need to buy a bread pan…(too bad we have like 4 in our storage unit in Dallas!)

Heather’s Dish Fresh Plum Cake

This is another one I just stare at. It’s such a pretty looking bread! I love the idea of using plums, it sounds so interesting and delicious!


Heather’s Dish Bacon, Spinach, and Goat Cheese Frittata

Another beauty from Heather! She has such beautiful pictures every dish she makes looks ridiculously good. I just realized most of my list consists of carbs…apparently I need to carbo load for….life? So I thought I’d throw in a protein heavy dish too. Anything with eggs or bacon and I am game.


Chocolate Covered Kate’s Strawberry Shortcake for One

Even if I was just making this for myself..I’m pretty sure I’d double or triple the recipe :).

so pretty!


Those are just a few of the recipes that have inspired me today. Next step is to stop drooling over their pictures and get in the kitchen!


Where do you find recipe inspiration? Do you have any no-fail, go to recipes?

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