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321Sculpt Workout Generator

Hi guys! I say this all the time, but I’m constantly looking for new exercises/workouts to incorporate into my gym time. I like keeping things fresh and new because it keeps your body guessing. Back when I was just running all the time, it was pretty clear my body got used to it; it became easy. If I went swimming or biking on the other hand, it was much more challenging even though I was in pretty good cardiovascular shape. So, I definitely think having some variety in your life (and workouts) is a good thing!

I figured I can’t be the only one out there who gets in workout slumps, so I made a program that will hopefully help you out of any slumps you might be in! The program basically generates a new circuit of exercises including strength, cardio, and abs, any time you need one. I compiled all the exercises I could think (at least ones that had video descriptions), in hopes that it will give you a variety of options. This is how it works:

The program generates in total, 6 strength exercises, 3 cardio, and 3 ab. It starts with 3 strength, then a cardio, 3 strength, then a cardio, 3 ab, then a cardio-that’s one time through the circuit.

The welcome page gives you the option of choosing your level of difficulty. For example, if you wanted an easier circuit day, you can choose easy or medium and it will generate the appropriate workouts.

It starts with 3 strengths and also recommends how many reps you try to perform:

After the first three strengths, you have a cardio exercise which is usually a plyometric or agility exercise. The cardio will normally be between 30-60 seconds depending on the level of difficulty.

After the first cardio, you complete 3 more strength exercises, then 1 more cardio, then 3 ab exercises.

The circuit ends with 1 more cardio. I usually go through the entire circuit 2 to 3 times.

You can also print your circuit out if you wanted to take it to the gym with you.

I think that’s a pretty neat, convenient feature. I can’t take credit for that that was all the hubs! He’s a smart cookie.

I used this program yesterday to generate a workout and this is what it looked like:

Workout Generate-Level-Difficult

  • Pushups on Swiss Ball– 15 reps. You’re basically in regular pushup position, except your feet are resting on a swiss ball so it’s much less stable. This also works your core and shoulders since they’re keeping you from falling over.
  • 21’s– 21 reps using 10lb. weights. These are a little hard to explain but basically you perform 7 bicep curls only halfway up (until about 90 degrees), then 7 more starting from the ending position curling back down to 90 degrees (starting with arms completely bent, hands near your face), then 7 more complete bicep curls. So, a total of 21. These are tough!
  • Side Lunges– I did 12 on each side holding 10lb. weights.
  • CARDIO– Jump squats for 30 seconds
  • Pushup Position Row– 15 on both arms holding 8lb. weights. You start in pushup position, except your hands are holding weights, not just resting on the ground. Staying in that position, you row one arm up at a time, then switch arms. This is another exercise that’s tough because of the lack of stability. It’s a great full body workout though!
  • Staggered Pushup– 15 on both arms. Staggered pushups are basically regular pushups, except one arm is slightly higher than the other.
  • Pullups– I did as many as I could, somewhere around 8 (with help). One of these days I swear I’ll be bustin’ out pullups all over the place! Yesterday was not that day. They’re frustrating because they’re so hard, but I’ll just keep trying until I can do one!
  • CARDIO– Split Squat Jumps for 30 seconds
  • Reverse Crunch– 15 reps.
  • Side Plank Dips– 10 reps on both sides. Starting in side plank position (I do this on my elbows), all you do is dip your hips down towards the ground, then back up again. These are harder than you might think!
  • V-Ups– 15 reps. These are one of those weird ab exercises that’s definitely hard on my abs, but also exhausts my hip flexors. It’s a little distracting!

It was a pretty good workout! We only went through it twice (I had a protein shake before working out-not a good idea).

If you aren’t interested in a 321Sculpt format, you can always make your own workout by choosing “New Custom Workout” at the top of the page. From there, give your new workout a name and description (since every community member will be able to see it) and add your exercises by clicking the plus sign next to the exercise.

If you make a custom workout, you will always be able to go back and view them later and edit them if you’d like.

Whether you choose a 321Sculpt workout or a custom one, you can rate each exercise in the workout. Telling us you love it, like it but are not ready for it yet, or hate it will allow us to narrow down which community workouts are best suited for you and therefore, give you recommendations.  You also have the ability to view all the community workouts if you’d like.

I hope you like the program and find it useful. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on exercises or any problems with the program’s functionality. It’s homemade, so I’m sure there will be some issues here and there.  By the way, you can find the program just by clicking on “321Sculpt Workout Generatorat the top of the blog.

Do you think this is something you might use? I look forward to hearing your feedback! Hope you like it!

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