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My Wish…

I didn’t work out yesterday so I have no killer workout recommendations. I also didn’t bake or make dinner. Some days, you just don’t feel like it. I’ve felt less and less like baking or making homemade meals since we’ve been in Cleveland. I think it’s because of our kitchen. It’s so small and kind of just annoys me so I like to be in there as little as possible. (That’s a lie, I like food too much to be out of the kitchen).

Since I have essentially nothing to report, I’ll give you the lowdown on clothes I’ve been eyeing. This isn’t a fashion blog, but lately I’ve sort of rekindled my love for all things fashion. I miss shopping and dressing up! I used to be so much more into it but unfortunately, that usually takes money…which I currently do not have. In college, it was easy to pretend you had money even though you didn’t. So, a girl can dream..or wish. Maybe these brands will see that I mentioned them and send me free clothes? Again, a girl can dream.

Here are some pretty things for your viewing pleasure:

First up, some items from Zara. I don’t even know why I look at their website since there is NO Zara to be found here in the Cleve. There is one in Chicago’s only a 6 hour drive..probably worth it. I love Zara because they have cute, trendy clothes that are still classic enough so you can actually wear them more than once. Their prices are reasonable, not cheap by any means. They also have really cute shoes. Their stores are popping up more and more in the US (I believe it’s a Spanish retailer) but are usually in bigger cities like Chicago or New York.

Oh leather jackets..I love you so. I basically love this whole outfit.

Zexy pants.

Twist on a classic trench!

And finally these lovely pants…

Just kidding! They’re a little wild. I’d probably wear these to bed not so much in public..

Next up…shoes! First, from Zappos. They have everything and such a great return policy too.

Awesomely hard core.

Boat shoes on the other hand..classic.


Next is Macy’s. I’ve been loving these Jessica Simpson shoes. They’re so awesome but I can’t justify getting them because I think I could only wear them with 1 outfit. But they’re so cute!

I can’t mention cute clothes without talking about J. Crew. I love J. Crew. It’s probably my favorite store because it just sells timeless clothes. They have enough trend in them without being over the top. The prices are a little high, which kills me, but they never disappoint!

Pretty scarf!


I’ve been loving jewelry lately too. Mostly loving it from afar…but loving it nonetheless. I think a really cool necklace can dress up anything, even a plain t-shirt. Express has great jewelry, so does Banana Republic and of course, Forever 21. Where else can you find the trendiest pieces for like, 5 dollars?

These are not so cheap…I found these on which I drool over on a daily basis.


Snake bracelet=awesome.

Hardcore rings are great!

Finally, Piperlime. Piperlime has really cute clothes, shoes, jewelry, everything you need! I apparently need this dress:

I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting it anytime soon…but it’s fun to pretend.

Those are just a couple items I daydream about. I could go on all day! If you want to contribute to the “Amy is Poor” fund, you know where to find me.


Where’s your favorite place to shop?

4 comments to My Wish…

  • Ahh love this post! I love fashion and shopping 🙂 (A little too much!)

    I love Zara (and lately H&M has had some great finds!), I’m a Banana Republic junkie, and addicted to online sale sites like Gilt and Rue La La. The Nordies Anniversary sale is probably the highlight of my July clothing wise 🙂

    I think making the trek to Chicago for Zara is totally worth it… and you can hit Nordstrom Rack on Michigan Ave too!

  • Em

    you should check out Mango. they are a british brand that is SO fun.
    I am eyeing some new shoes but don’t tell tyler

  • Amy

    ahhh ive been to Mango! its been a while though…they have really cute stuff! the Cleve doesn’t have any of these stores, fyi. im pretty sure Eagle doesnt either. I guess thats what online shopping is for.

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