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Nike Training Club App

I was doing my daily blog reads the other day and read a post on Bess Be Fit about a Nike app.  I don’t download too many apps because most likely, I’ll never use them and they’ll just make my phone slow. But I thought this app was too good to pass up. First of all, it’s free so why not? Secondly, it’s actually really great and full of awesome workout programs. I’m really surprised it’s free because it has so much good information.


To start, you select your goal, then your level. For a goal, you can choose from Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, or Get Focused. Get Lean involves high intensity cardio drills, Get Toned is using light weights, Get Strong uses higher weights and reps, and Get Focused is for targeting specific areas like your abs.

Then you choose what level you’re at: easy, intermediate, or hard. I chose a hard workout the other day and midway through realized it was pretty damn hard, Nike wasn’t bluffing. Even though I couldn’t necessarily do the entire thing, I like that it’s that hard. It gives you something to work up to.

Next, you choose a workout in your category. Most of the workouts are either 30 or 45 minutes except for the Get Focused circuits which are 15 minutes.


Now it’s time for your workout! The exercises are listed out for you. If you don’t know what something is, you can click on it and it will take you through some photos or you can watch a movie of how to perform the exercise.

This is a great feature. There’s basically no way you can not understand what an exercise is which is so helpful.

While you’re doing your workout, you can also pick music (if you have any, I don’t on my phone) to be played while you’re exercising.

Once you’ve completed your workout (which by the way, they time you so for example, if you’re doing burpees for a minute, it gives you a minute then says you’re done when you’re time is up) it’s recorded  and goes towards earning a reward.

The more workouts you do, the more rewards you get. Enough rewards unlocks something new like a new workout, or trainer advice, or smoothie recipe.

It’s pretty cool…almost too cool…hm. I’m trying to figure out what the catch is. Why is Nike offering a free app with so much great information? Just for advertising purposes? Hmmm…I’ll let you know if there’s a catch somewhere.

The other day, I chose a Get Lean workout under the advanced category. It was a 30 minute workout and this is what it consisted of:

  • Back Pedal- 1 minute- Pretty much a warm up.
  • Slide and Glide- 2 minutes- Still warming up, but pretty hard.
  • Light Jog- 2 minutes-Okay, getting hot now.
  • 1 minute recovery
  • Burpee to Shoulder Press- 1 minute. So, I used 8lb. weights with these.
  • Push-ups with Feet on Medicine Ball- 1 minute. These are hard!!
  • Plank Row to Rotation- 1 minute. I used 8lb. weights.
  • Ski Jumps with Medicine Ball- 1 minute. I think I used a 10lb. medicine ball..maybe a little lighter.
  • Basketball Lunge with Medicine Ball Press- 2 minutes. I used the lightest medicine ball I could find.
  • Squat with Arm Curls- 2 minutes. I used 12lb. weights.
  • Bunny Hops with Medicine Ball Overheard- 2 minutes. Light medicine ball.
  • Bicycles- 1 minute
  • Toe Touches- 1 minute. I held a 10lb. weight.
  • Kick Downs- 1 minute
  • Push-up to Frogger- 1 minute
  • Single Leg Dead-lift with Row- 2 minutes. Used 10 lb. weights.
  • Medicine Ball Triceps Pushups- 1 minute. These were really hard! No way I could do a minute straight.
  • Alternating Forward Lunge to Shoulder Press- 1 minute
  • Mountain Climbers- 30 seconds
  • Knee Tucks- 30 seconds
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch- 2 minutes-Finally, stretches!
  • Pretzel Stretch- 1 minute
  • Lying Quad Stretch- 2 minutes

Oh man, it was tough. I kind of expected it to be since it was shorter, but I didn’t expect it to be that hard!


So, I have an IPhone but I’m sure if you have any smart phone you can download the app (I really have no idea I just made that up). I definitely recommend it though! I’m kind of excited to unlock new workouts and recipe ideas!

Maybe I underestimated the apps out there. They might be useful after all.


Do you use any workout apps or recommend any healthy recipe apps?

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