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Adventures in Costco

We finally made it to Colorado! This was an epic trip. It was definitely much longer than we made it out to be. When we talked about it we’d casually describe it by saying, “we’re gonna drive from Cleveland, swing by Dallas to pick up our stuff (which, by the way, was a TON of stuff), then drive on over to Colorado.” Like it was no big deal. Well, it turned into about 40 hours of driving (separately by the way, he drove the Uhaul, I drove the jeep) and that does not include loading the stupid U-Haul. My husband and I were so tired and irritated I think we would have been okay with just leaving our stuff in the storage unit…isn’t there a show about selling off storage unit finds?

Anyway, we made it! The last night was of course, the worst. We had to drive through the mountains so it was really windy and pitch black sine we were a little later than expected.  At least it kept us awake! We actually saw a car accident on the way here..some guy fell asleep, it was nuts! He was okay, but man he was seatbelt and the car flipped. Scary stuff!

So, Colorado is still beautiful! It hasn’t changed much since we were last here but the leaves are starting to turn yellow which I love.  One of my first missions when we got here was to open a Costco account. I was weirdly excited to do this. I’ve never been a member of Costco but I’ve gone with other people and it’s so much fun! You can buy anything there..which was really tempting last night.

The downside of course is that a lot of the things Costco sells, I don’t need in bulk. For example, I wanted to buy some maple syrup but I really don’t need to spend $20 bucks on a lifetime supply. I guess I could though…? It’s funny I say that when I did buy BBQ sauce in bulk…priorities.

Anyway, here are some goodies I picked up:

These yogurts alone make my Costco membership worth it. I took a tour of the store before signing up and when I saw these, I was on board! First of all, Fage is my favorite greek yogurt. Secondly, they’re flavored and zero fat, a lot of them are 2% fat but not these babies!!  I’m so excited!

Big ol’ bag of oats! I couldn’t decide between this or a giant box of quaker oats..I decided on this because my husband doesn’t really eat oatmeal so basically I’d need to go through two huge boxes of oats..which I suppose is doable. But I thought I’d give this brand a try!

Okay, these tortillas were introduced to me by my brother in law who has a tendency of bringing food with him wherever he goes. I have to admit, I like his style  (he usually has yummy things). I was so excited when I saw this brand because I think they’re only sold at Costco and Sam’s Club. They’re relatively low carb tortillas which sound gross but these actually taste really good. At least I hope they taste as good as I remember since it’s a 2lb. bag. They’re 100 calories, 7 grams of fiber, and 8 grams of protein..not too shabby.

Beef Jerky! This was a special present to my husband. He’s way more of a meat eater (I consider myself a carb eater) so he loves beef jerky.

Love me some tuna.

Okay, I know these Fiber One brownies are not “whole foods” but I still enjoy them as a treat. I’m not sure I needed a box of 38, but I got one!

That’s a lot of Fiber One brownies. If anyone needs to borrow know where to find them!

Bag o’ bananas! I think it’s weird when bananas are in a bag…

I love pulled pork…there was no way I was passing this up. This doesn’t come with sauce hence the large amounts of BBQ sauce purchased.

My mom recommended the salmon. They look amazing! That’s one thing I’ve heard about Costco, that their meat is really good.

Anyone need to borrow some butter?

I love butternut squash…so perfect for fall. I didn’t buy too much produce at Costco because let’s face it, I don’t need a ten pound bag of spinach. I could just see my husband’s face if I brought that home.

Costco was so much fun! I look forward to many more adventures sampling foods and buying large quantities of food I don’t need :).


Do you belong to Costco? Love or hate it?

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