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Lower Body Burnout

Since I typically lean towards upper body workouts, I forced myself to exercise my lower body today. I didn’t use a particular workout, just kind of threw together a tough circuit that I know will leave my buns sore tomorrow.

I started it off with a run to the gym, which is about a mile. Next, I completed this circuit three times:

  • Curtsy Lunge– 12 times on each leg holding 15lb. weights. These are very similar to reverse lunges, but instead of bringing your leg straight back, bring it behind your opposite leg so you’re almost doing a curtsy. They’re pretty tough, the curtsy aspect throws in a lack of balance.
  • Hamstring Curls with Swiss Ball– 15 times. I really like this exercise. It’s always tough and on the few days when it’s not, you can make it harder by using one leg at a time.
  • Lunge Jumps– 10 times on each leg. These are so hard! I go through phases with these where I do them enough to the point where they become easier, but then I back off and they’re hard again. I’m currently in the “hard” phase again. If you happen to have ridiculously strong legs, feel free to hold weights while performing these.
  • Side Lying Hip Abduction– 15 times on both legs. This is kind of a basic exercise. There are a number of variations used quite a bit in pilates classes. Even though it’s basic, it’s still tough for me. Laying on your side with your body completely straight and your legs stacked on each other, lift the top leg up, then slowly lower back down. After a couple, your hips should be burning! I tend to ignore (or forget about) my hips so I try to remember to strength train them when working on my legs.
  • Squat Jumps-15 times. Another one that burns the buns. Plyometric exercises really are hard. They’re a great way to shock the muscles in your body, especially if you’re stuck in an exercise rut.
  • Side Lunges- 10 reps holding 15lb. weights. Ugh, another exercise I hate but it’s so effective! These just hit muscles in my legs that apparently I never work out because I’m crazy sore every time I do these.
  • Deadlift– 15 reps holding 15lb. weights. Great hamstring workout!

I threw in a couple ab exercises too.

  • Captain’s Chair Leg Raise– 3 sets of 15. These are way harder then they look!
  • Swiss Ball Knee Tuck– 3 sets of 15.

My lower abs were definitely tired after these! I attempted to run home from the gym, but my legs were pretty tired. I’m sure they’ll be sore tomorrow so the workout was a success!


What’s your favorite body part to workout?

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