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Pumpkin Pie Hummus.

I usually keep at least 1 can of pumpkin in the kitchen, I just feel like there is always something I can throw it into. Pumpkin isn’t always easy to find though. The cans stores have are either huge, or pumpkin pie mix, or they don’t have any at all. I admit right now if a store didn’t have any pumpkin, they’re missing out. But in the summer time, I’m sure pumpkin’s not flying off the shelves. Strolling through Costco the other day, I walked by a giant display of canned pumpkin. Obviously I had to act on it. I love pumpkin in smoothies, breads, enchiladas, you name it, I can find a use for it!

Yesterday I was looking through some past recipes I’ve made and came across one for maple hummus. I made this last winter and it was delicious (it really was good I swear I’m not just saying that). I’m surprised I haven’t made it again actually. Since the maple worked well, I thought maybe I could throw some pumpkin in there too..?

The only pumpkin hummus recipes I found were savory ones. There were a number of curry pumpkin hummus recipes, which sound great, but I wanted sweet. So I got out the food processor and started experimenting.

Pumpkin Pie Hummus (or spread if the word “hummus” scares you)

  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • 1/3 cup of pumpkin
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • dash of pumpkin pie spice

Whether you make standard hummus or dessert hummus, it is so easy to make. Even if you don’t have a food processor, you could easily just blend all the ingredients. Of course, then you risk your smoothies tasting like garlic (if you make savory hummus with loads of garlic like I do), but it works all the same.

All you do is measure everything out and blend it together until it’s the right consistency.

I was either going to use these chickpeas in a salad or hummus…I went with hummus :). Salad is overrated.

I think this tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie so I think it’s great!

I had some last night rolled up in a tortilla and this morning in my oatmeal. You could also have it on toast, dip apples in it, or mix it with yogurt. It’s so tasty!

Healthy alternative to pumpkin pie!


On a completely unrelated note, I’ve had a few hilarious run-ins with various men recently. It’s funny how sometimes…men just don’t quite get it. Not to say women get it right all the time, (even though, clearly we do) it’s just funny the way men react in certain situations.

Situation #1- I was on the phone with Adidas yesterday because they sell limited edition Boston Qualifier gear. One item in particular, a running jacket, is so awesome but they don’t have my size, they only have larger sizes left. The man on the phone was very nice and trying to help as much as possible. He recommend I just get a larger size…and maybe I’d grow into it? I appreciated his suggestion, but at this point in my life, the only way I’d be growing is out and I really don’t intend on doing that. I think he forgot he was talking to an adult women, not a 10 year old.

Situation #2- I got my eyebrows waxed and the guy who did it (mistake number 1) accidentally got wax in my hair (oh and took off some skin under my eyebrow). The wax landed in my hair near my ear so his suggestion was, “well I can just wax it off. Some women like their sideburns waxed off.” Sideburns? These are not sideburns. This is hair! I swear I’m not in denial, this is straight up hair. I would have a weird bald patch on one side of my head if he waxed that off. I asked him what option 2 was…he said to wash it out. Obviously I went with 2.

Men, I know we can be crazy, but so can you in your own special way. I thought this saying pretty much applies to everyday life:

So true.

Hilarious..and true :).

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