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Ripped in 30.

I mentioned before that I’m attempting hard core workouts at home since I don’t have access to a gym. I really wanted to order the Intensity dvds but unfortunately, didn’t have a couple hundred bucks to spare so I bought a Jillian Michael’s dvd instead: Ripped in 30. I have another one of her dvds and it is hard so I knew Jillian wouldn’t disappoint. She’s pretty hard core…just how I like ’em!

I tried the Ripped in 30 a couple times before heading to Phoenix and it is hard. It’s basically 4 weeks of high intensity circuits. She does 3 minutes of strength exercises, 2 minutes of cardio, then one minute of abs. Each week is a different set of exercises so it gets harder the closer you get to 4 weeks.



That Jillian is pretty intense! I’m starting my first day of thirty today! All I will say is, I’m currently 118 pounds and my jeans are pretty tight. My weight doesn’t necessarily bother me since I know muscle weighs more than fat, but my clothes being tight does concern me. So, hopefully at the end of 30 days my jeans will fit like they should!

I thought about before and after pictures but honestly, I have zero desire to show myself half naked on the internet. Maybe I’ll just show an after picture if I look amazing :).

Anyway, wish me luck on day 1!

In other news, Happy Halloween! Halloween is probably my second favorite holiday (yes, Christmas is first).  I usually dress up every year because…well it’s really fun. This year I’m not basically because I have nowhere to wear a costume. My favorite costumes I’ve worn though have to be a pumpkin-I rented a pumpkin costume so it was huge! It was pretty much amazing…I wish I had a picture! My second favorite is a cow..somehow that costume disappeared during college… here are a couple other goodies:

Cleopatra! I have this one here…maybe I’ll throw it on tonight…

Does anyone else think it’s annoying that as a girl, you can only find sleazy Halloween costumes? Unless you rent of course..but it’s kind of ridiculous! One of these years I’m going as a zombie with blood and guts all over me…I think it would be funny in a sea of hookers.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you get tons of candy…even if you are technically an adult! 🙂


7 comments to Ripped in 30.

  • Olivia

    I hear you on the sleazy Halloween costumes! Check out this website for some tips on developing non-sketchy costumes.

  • Heather

    One of my lady employees wore scrubs with blood and body parts all over! Made me think about it when I read this!

  • Jillian

    i do the 30 day shred from JM. there’s only 3 weeks, but i do each week for 10 days when i do it, and every time i start a new 30 day cycle, i add heavier weights or something else to make it a bit harder. I just started another cycle of it nov 1st. this time on the first week, i’m holding 5lb weights for each cardio set as well as wearing 2lb ankle weights and 1lb wrist weights for the whole 20 mins. i think i’ll look to see how this “ripped in 30” looks. there’s a 6 week program i’ve seen that someone else does and a lot of the women i know like it, but it’s expensive. i like that i don’t need a lot of time, space or equipment to do the JM DVDs. I have a few sets of “the firm” DVDs and they’re okay, but they require a lot of space to do the aerobics portions. JM doesn’t do a lot of fancy aerobics or dancing, she’s very straight up. you’re right, the mass of muscle and fat is very different. I’ve put on a few lbs in the past 6 weeks, but all of my clothing is loose and even resting, my biceps pop out. if you aren’t happy with the fit of your clothing, it’s best to deal with it now rather than later. good luck with the marathon. I hope to someday get my 26.2.

  • Eva

    I just got the dvd and watched it. Looks hard, and I am scared. Starting this tomorrow, let’s see how it goes for me… I will try very hard not to die 😀

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