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Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30, Week 2 and 3

I haven’t done a great job of updating you on the butt whooping I’m receiving from good ol’ Jillian. I’ve stuck with it and just completed week 3. First, I’ll give you a rundown of week 2.

Week 2: Ripped in 30

Week 2 of Ripped in 30 was unfortunately, still really difficult. I say “unfortunately” but I’m just kidding, I’m actually really glad this DVD pushes you so hard.

Jillian doesn’t repeat any exercise throughout the 4 weeks. She does do variations though or incorporates exercises you’ve done with new ones. For example, although it was technically a cardio segment during the 1st circuit of exercises, both involved the plank position. I’m sure when you think of plank you think strength, but you can definitely do both strength and cardio. Jillian makes sure of that!

First, we did plank jumps (I’m making up the name..not sure what the technical term is).

Start in the plank position (on hands), then jump your feet out at the same time (out to the sides), then back again. Kind of like a jumping jack but on the ground…so nothing a jumping jack :).

Once we were through with that, she insisted you stay in plank position (by this point, my shoulders were on fire), then we went straight into mountain climbers, then back to plank jumps, and mountain climbers 1 more time-all while staying in plank! Basically every time I did the DVD, I had to pause it during this cardio session. My shoulders couldn’t take it I thought they were going to give out and I’d face plant onto the floor. But that’s what Jillian loves: working several muscles at one time!


The strength moves weren’t terrible, but even during strength she incorporated the plank position. We did some renegade rows (see this post below on directions) which are definitely a total body move. All this planking is killin’ my shoulders (in a good way though!).

Seriously, can someone explain this “planking” phenomenon to me? I don’t get it. Have you seen coning by the way? My husband thinks it’s hilarious. Anyway, back to Jillian!

Another extremely challenging strength move we did was spiderman pushups. I tried to do as many as I could with my knees off the ground, but don’t feel bad if you have to have your knees down. These are really challenging!


The last circuit cardio was exhausting, like usual. We ended with high knees which I hate. If you did sports in high school, I’m sure you know high knees all too well! The thing to keep in mind about them is trying to use your abs to bring your knees up towards your chest. Watch your posture; you shouldn’t be hunched over at all. No matter how high you’re lifting your knees, if you’re going quickly, you’ll break a sweat!

Finally halfway done! On to week 3:

Week 3: Ripped in 30

I noticed a difference in week 3 right away. The warm up was much more dynamic and challenging than previous warm ups. For example, we did static lunges with a torso twist holding a weight. I don’t know about you, but this could definitely be considered a strength “exercise.” I’m pretty sure I’ve done it in the gym a time or two.

We wasted no time in the beginning and went straight into the workout!

The first strength exercise wasn’t bad, but the second one? Oh was terrible. She said in the DVD, “you’re gonna hate me for this one.” She was right. I think it’s called a duck walk. Here’s a video (not great quality but you’ll get the picture. It’s the second exercise she shows) of the pain. Try it out! So hard.


Basically, you’re crouched down with your hands behind your head, so your knees are bent but your butt is still off the floor. Then you just start walking, staying low in that position the whole time. Your quads will scream. This has been the hardest strength exercise I’ve done yet, but of course, I have 1 more week so I look forward to much more pain.

She pulled another “stay in plank position forever” move too in week 3. When doing abs in the first circuit, we started with knee to opposite shoulder while in plank. Those aren’t too bad, but then we moved straight into plank pike jumps (I’m making up all these names).

Pike plank jumps- start in plank (arms on ground) then jump your legs up towards your chest but keep them straight, so your butt ends up high in the air, then jump feet back out again. These are pretty tough, it’s really hard for me to keep my legs straight but I try!

The cardios weren’t too bad in that I’m pretty familiar with them: squat jumps and jumping lunges. I wondered if she was going to incorporate these into any workouts since they’re really difficult but also easy because it’s just your body weight. We did them separately (squatting jumps in the 2nd circuit, lunges in the 3rd). The lunges were paired with single leg hops and these were way harder than I expected! Maybe it’s because they worked muscles around my ankle that I don’t work too often, but they were so hard.



The last strength circuit in week 3 was surprisingly difficult. It was all about arms so by the third exercise, my arms were like jello. One move in particular was pretty rough: one arm side triceps push ups.


oh hey zuzanna


Starting in the position you see your favorite BodyRocker in, just lift your body off the ground (like it’s so easy) straightening that top arm. Your triceps will start to burn after a few reps!

Those are just a couple moves we did throughout weeks 2 and 3 of Ripped in 30. I’m pretty pleased with the DVD so far. I’m not sure I’ve lost any weight, but it hasn’t been 30 days so maybe next week I’ll suddenly get shredded.

I also understand that losing weight in 30 days is difficult so if your diets not there, it may not happen. So, if I don’t lose any weight I won’t blame Jillian. I do feel stronger and I huff and puff throughout every workout so they’re absolutely challenging. I’ll keep you posted on week 4!


I was thinking about putting together workout videos for you guys. Probably focusing on tough workouts you can do at home (since I don’t belong to a gym). Would you be interested in seeing that?

Happy Monday everyone!





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