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Year One.

Well, we made it. We made it to our 1 year anniversary!

first look

first kiss as a married couple!


party time!


leaving the party!

This past year has been pretty epic: we moved 4 times, went to Thailand, oh and got married. Needless to say it has flown by!  We celebrated yesterday by (finally) moving into our cabin! I’m not sure if that actually counts as a celebration considering it involved my least favorite thing to do: moving the bed. It feels good to have it done though. After the big move, we drove over to Vail for the real celebration.

First we started the day off right with pancakes! I think this was more for me than the hubs but I think he enjoyed them :).

pumpkin pancakes

I haven’t made pumpkin pancakes yet this season so obviously we were due for some!

I won’t bore you with moving details but overall it was a success minus the bed frame. There is no way we’re getting the bed frame up the stairs. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor is acceptable right?

We drove over to Vail late yesterday afternoon and it was beautiful…cold, but beautiful.

Snow’s lookin’ pretty good…it’s almost ski season!! I think Vail opens in about a week. We just ordered our skis a couple days ago…happy birthday and Merry Christmas to both of us :).

my mountain man

We explored a bit then went over and ate dinner at a restaurant called La Tour.  It’s a French restaurant but I think it has some American flare to it. The entrees were 50% off too (since it’s not yet high season) so we couldn’t resist! I’m pretty sure we would never go here when they weren’t 50% off because it’s definitely not cheap…but it was really good!

After dinner the real fun began: presents and wedding cake! We have been carting around the top of our wedding cake for the past year and since we’ve moved 4 times, it’s been in and out of freezers quite a bit. We were a little nervous about it but also excited. Technically, we already had dessert at dinner (ice cream..yes when it’s 28 degrees out) so we opened presents first to digest a little.

The hubs was up first:

I got him a map of the US that starts in Malibu, Ca, and has dots connecting to every other place we’ve lived together.

I had it made on Etsy which is an awesome website for handmade goods!

I felt like a chump after I opened my gift. I had his made but he made mine! Technically there are traditional gifts for wedding anniversary’s. Every year is supposed to be a gift made from something in particular. The first anniversary gift is made from paper so I guess we both followed the tradition! Probably by accident….but still kind of neat.


Alright now time for the main event: the cake. Here’s a picture of what the cake actually looked like:

We only had the top of it which now looks like this:

It’s a chocolate raspberry cake and I do remember it being really good. I also remember dropping a chunk down the front of my wedding dress…that and red wine stains down the back of it.  Judging by the appearance of the dress, It looked like I had a hell of a time! Which, of course, I did :).

nom nom year old cake

Hubs took the first bite..


Actually it was still pretty good! Maybe a little dry but it has been frozen for a year…surprisingly tasty.

It was a great anniversary! I feel like every year goes by faster than the last which sort of freaks me out.  The years do seem to get better and better but I’d like the time to slow down just a little. I guess all you can do is cherish the present…look forward to the future but don’t forget about the now!

Happy Monday!

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