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12 Days of Christmas, Day 6

Alright finally up to date: Day 6 (yes, I’m counting Christmas day as day 1). I’m actually starting to get excited about Christmas. I think before today, it hasn’t really felt like Christmas just because we’ve been so busy, but now I’m startin’ to feel it. We have the Christmas music playing in the car, we’ll be baking tomorrow (after my 7 mile run 🙂 ), and I started putting presents under the tree.

There is something about this time of year that’s very warm.  I don’t mean because the heater’s on, I mean just the reminder to love your family and friends. They might be a little nuts, but you probably are too so try not to judge them too harshly :).

Anyway, back to Christmas!


Is it weird that all I ever remember from this song is, “fiiiiiiiive golden rings!”

On the 6th Day of (Healthy) Christmas you gave to yourself……6 small meals a day!

Okay, so this might not be realistic during this time of year. I don’t think it is for me especially since we eat out so much when I’m home. But, if you can swing it, 6 small meals definitely helps keep you full, therefore prevents you from binging. I know different “diets” work for different people but I think the 6 small meals a day thing is really a smart approach to healthy eating.

Since being home, I’ve tried pulling this off and have pretty much failed, but I have managed to eat reasonably considering the time. So, maybe I should make number 6 “try to eat reasonably” instead of 6 small meals.  Pick whichever one you like better!

Once again, the most important thing to do is have fun, enjoy your family, and take time for yourself this holiday season. Don’t beat yourself up over indulging a few days while on holiday break-you’re human! You can always pick yourself back up and start over again.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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