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12 Days of Christmas, Day 9

Here we are on the 9th day of Christmas. Time is actually flying by. I’ve been looking forward to this trip home for quite some time now and I’m leaving today!

I love Arizona in the winter time. It has this distinctive smell that just makes me so happy. You can’t beat the sunsets either, they’re pretty amazing.

Since I’m traveling today (quite a bit-first a two hour drive to Denver, then 2 hour flight!) I thought a travel post would be appropriate. I can’t imagine I’m the only one flying this time of year so…

9 ladies dancing!

On the 9th day of (healthy) Christmas you gave to yourself…..healthy food choices at the airport!

This can definitely be a tricky one especially if you fly out of a smaller airport (usually equals less options). In the past, I would bring like, 3 Lara bars on the plane with me which are fine, but first of all, that adds up to a serious amount of calories, and secondly, my stomach would become very angry with me later.  I still bring a bar or two but try to limit myself to one.

If I’m hungry, I’d prefer to eat a real meal to save myself from being starved by the time I landed and therefore willing to eat anything.

These days, I usually look for a Starbucks because they have some healthy options like oatmeal or their protein plate. Here are a couple other healthy options to check out if you find yourself in an airport soon:

Dunkin Donuts- Egg white and turkey sausage flatbread, 280 calories, 19 grams of protein. When I was in school, I actually used to walk across the street and grab one of these, they’re pretty good! They’re a little small so you might want to pair it with an apple or another piece of fruit.


Does anyone else get annoyed that Dunkin Donuts doesn’t leave cream out for their coffee? I hate that.

Panda Express- Steamed rice with vegetables, about 390 calories. Panda Express can be a tough one. It’s easy to go there and load up your plate with tons of good stuff then end up feeling sick from stuffing your face. The last time I was in the Denver airport I actually ate there because it was either it or Burger King. I tried to just eat slowly and stop when I was full. Panda Express definitely presents portion control problems.

Starbucks-Perfect Oatmeal, 140 calories. The ‘bizzle, my favorite! Starbucks serves the oatmeal plain but offers you sides of brown sugar or dried fruit and nuts. I like how they have them on the side so you can put in as much as you’d like or none at all!

Starbucks–  Protein Bistro Box, 380 calories, 13 grams of protein. Lucky Starbucks gets two mentions! The box contains a hard boiled egg, a piece of cheese, fruit, peanut butter, and multigrain bread. You can easily slash calories by not eating the peanut butter or the cheese. I think it’s great!

Protein Bistro Box


McDonald’s–  Hamburger, 250 calories. Why does everyone hate McDonald’s so much? I don’t really get the anger that’s directed at them. Anyway, it is possible to eat something relatively okay at McDonald’s. I’m also a HUGE fan of their cheeseburgers (They’re so tiny and pathetic but I love them!) but I try to stay away. I’ve had their fruit and walnut salad too it’s not too bad. You definitely get to know McDonald’s when you move all the time! By the way, (this isn’t healthy at all so don’t listen to me), but their iced coffee is amazing. 🙂

Baja Fresh– Ensalada with Charbroiled Chicken, 310 calories. That is, of course, without the dressing so beware.

KFC-Honey BBQ KFC Snacker, 210 calories. I haven’t eaten at KFC in years. I don’t intend on going back anytime soon but if I must, at least there’s an option for me! My problem with “snacker” sizes is that they don’t fill me up. I usually end up pairing it with something else. When I’m in the airport, it’s most likely a banana or an apple, or possibly yogurt.


Subway- 6″ Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, about 320 calories, or a 6″ Turkey Breast, about 280 calories. The thing with Subway is to remember these numbers do not represent what you add to the sandwich. That could include tomatoes or cucumber or it could be something like cheese and mayonnaise. Obviously cheese and mayo are going to increase that number significantly.

I’ve noticed more and more airports are including healthier options for people which is great. I’ve seen an increase even in health bars being sold and I mean legitimate health bars. Unfortunately, it’s still the airport so they cost like 6 dollars, better to bring your own!

I try my very best to eat something with protein in it otherwise I feel like my only options are carbs. I also always buy a water or bring a water bottle to fill up. I’ve also recently stopped accepting bags of peanuts and other various snacks on the plane. Usually, I’m not even hungry but I just take them and eat them anyway. Not anymore…only eating when hungry!

Cooking Light’s website has more information on specific airports and their healthy food options if you want to check it out. No Denver or Phoenix on there (sad), but definitely some other big airports!


Do you attempt to eat healthy at airports? Any good finds out there?

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