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12 Days of (Healthy) Christmas, Days 5-1

Okay, I’ve been the worst blogger ever. I have to say, I have been so busy with holiday stuff lately!! We’re going back to Colorado today so the holiday is officially over. The time has FLOWN by, it’s kind of crazy. I feel like I just got here but it’s been over a week!! Obviously, it has been fun, so time definitely flew by.

I tried to keep the week as healthy as possible and I think overall did an alright job. Don’t get me wrong, I ate a large amount of sweets and other goodies, but I did keep the drinking minimal which is good. I also kept up my running schedule so I don’t feel too bad about food choices.

Anyway, back to the 12 days of (healthy) Christmas!

On the 5th-1st days of Christmas you gave to yourself…...a healthy, fun holiday!!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!

What was your favorite present you received this year? What was your favorite present you gave? I’m pretty excited about some new running gear, books, and killer boots!!

3 comments to 12 Days of (Healthy) Christmas, Days 5-1

  • glenda

    Phone calls and visits from my children and grandsons!!! Best Christmas present ever.

  • Favorite present I received: Kitchen tools from the husband.

    Favorite present I gave: Calendar of pictures of my kids from this past year for my mom and my in-laws.

  • VanessaG

    The best gift I received is too hard to pick one so I’m picking three: my doughnut maker, a printer from my brother, and a 31 bag and purse. The best gift I gave was to my little brother: I gave our little brother Mikosi in Africa a goat and 2chickens in his name. We just “adopted” him last yr cause that what my brother wanted for Christmas. God has blessed me more than I deserve and I’m so thankful for the birth of his son which is the ultimate present! 🙂

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