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(Healthier) Cranberry Sauce

Well, my love affair with cranberry sauce is still going strong. We’ve lost our third wheel, turkey, but we’re managing just fine without him. (Side note: Does cranberry sauce make anyone else sweat? Balsamic vinegar does the same thing to me. Weird.).

Anyway, I still have an insanely large amount of fresh cranberries in my refrigerator. I’ve come across bread recipes that use cranberries but I honestly don’t want to bake any right now since I’m the only one in my house who eats it (yes I’m calling you out hubs. Don’t blame me if I get’s clearly your fault. FYI, he didn’t eat any of the pumpkin pie I made. Yours truly ate the whole thing).

Since I gave up the idea of making a bread, I decided to whip up more cranberry sauce. My one problem with cranberry sauce is it’s so high in sugar. I guess I might as well make a bread. I tried to find lower sugar recipes but really didn’t find much out there. So, I went with the same recipe I used on Thanksgiving except cut the sugar in half. Bold, I know.

Technically it was half the sugar but it still had a cup of OJ so low in sugar it was not. At least it was lower..that’s the key.

Cranberry sauce is actually really simple. I used 12 oz. of cranberries, 1 cup of OJ, and a half cup of sugar. I combined the sugar and OJ in a pan until the sugar dissolved, then added the cranberries. The cranberries will start to pop after about 10 minutes and you can take them off the stove then or let them cook longer. The longer they cook, the thicker the sauce will be.

This turned out just as good as the full sugared version. I had it in a wrap with the last bits of turkey I managed to scrounge up.

such a pretty color!

I have to admit, I feel a little lost without the turkey. What do I do with only cranberry sauce?  Eat it alone? Put some in oatmeal? On toast? I donno. I think I’ll probably just eat it alone :).

Unfortunately, I still have an enormous bag of fresh cranberries sitting in my fridge (I really shouldn’t have bought them from Costco!).


Any ideas on what to do with them? Breads can be included :).

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