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Scenes from Christmas

So, I guess I should start taking down my Christmas decorations? I swear the time flies between Thanksgiving and Christmas…a little too fast.

We had a great time in Arizona though! The weather was pretty much perfect (around 60 and sunny everyday) and we got to visit with friends and family which always equals a good time. I have some ridiculously fun friends/family; they definitely know how to party! Especially my 90 year old grandma…she’s the ring leader.

On Christmas day we opened presents in the morning then went to a family friend’s for a party. Something I noticed this year was the amount of babies popping up!! We had an Xmas party the weekend before too and it was filled with kids!! There was kind of a lull for a while; it started with us, then no kiddos, now people my age are having the kids so it’s going full circle again!

Here’s some pics of our Christmas day:

The hubs got his own stocking this year!


I got this super cute jacket from J. Crew. I love J. Crew…their stuff is just timeless. Oh, bear with me on these pictures, I am wearing zero makeup so some of them are scary.

My cat’s favorite holiday is Christmas. He loves playing with the paper and eating various wrapping material. We usually find those thrown up around the house later :).

Dadio loves his sweater vests!

My little brother.

A metal holder! I love this!

The hubs got some fancy new luggage!

I got some cold weather running gear which I am really excited about!! I meant to run yesterday but the day sort of slipped away (we got home at 3 am the night there was a lot of sleeping yesterday) so today I’ll try out my stuff!

We also got some ski goggles, tons of socks, new boots (for me..they’re awesome), and lots of other goodies. It was definitely a great Christmas.

Before makeup...

After makeup!

My party animal grandma! She can’t take credit for the hat…that’s my dad’s. Who’s also a party animal.

I hope you all had a great holiday!!


In other news, I’m thinking about giving up caffeine; I had my first cup of decaf this morning. We’ll see what happens later…hopefully I don’t turn into a psycho or my head doesn’t explode. Keep your fingers crossed :).

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