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321Sculpt Workout Generator

You may have noticed a new addition to the top of my menu bar: 321Sculpt. Before I added 321Sculpt, it was just “workout generator.” It was fine and all but I wanted to make something better and more useful than just a random workout generator. So my husband and I cooked up a new workout generator: 321Sculpt.

We set up a (hopefully) straight forward video to explain how 321Sculpt works. It’s pretty easy and it’s free. You do have to sign up, but don’t worry we won’t spam you. I have no idea what I’d possibly spam you with anyway!


Basically, you have the ability to either create your own custom workout from hundreds of exercises (videos from YouTube are included) or generate a 321Sculpt workout which consists of 3 strength exercises, 1 cardio, 3 strength, 1 cardio, then 3 ab and 1 cardio.

As I mention in the video, 321Sculpt works in a way that’s similar to Pandora. It’s similar to Pandora in that you can rate each exercise you’re given whether you chose them in a custom workout or were randomly given them through 321Sculpt. You can tell us you love the exercise, you like it, but don’t want to perform it right now, or hate it (middle finger option. My personal favorite). We use that information to recommend other people’s workouts to you. The more you vote on workouts, the more personalized your recommended workouts become.

That being said, you can view your past workouts and also workouts created by other member’s. You have two options: viewing their workouts under your recommended workouts or viewing all the community workouts.

I like this option because I love to mix up my workouts as much as possible. When I’m feeling a little brain-dead, this is exactly what I want at my disposal: other people’s hard workouts! I sometimes like to pick and choose exercises from other workouts then create my own.

The personalization of 321Sculpt is great because if you rate your exercises, your recommended workouts will ultimately be specific to your needs. By needs I mean your level of fitness and the type of exercises you like. Maybe you hate using bars at the gym (they can be a little intimidating), disliking all bar exercises will eliminate those from your workouts.

I hope you enjoy the new 321Sculpt workout generator as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns as it is a homemade program (there might be bugs we still need to work out).


Do you think you’d use the program? I appreciate your feedback! 🙂

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