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Cookies From A Jar

Christmas ain’t over yet folks! Well, it is, but we recently had an incredibly nice neighbor drop off a cute jar full of cookie mix. I’ve seen these jars popping up everywhere whether they’re cookie mix, cake mix, even salads. I think they are a great gift idea but I wasn’t so sure how the cookies would taste. For some reason, I automatically assume the ingredients have been in the jar for the past like, 20 years. Why? I have no idea. Anyway, I decided to give my cookie’s from a jar a try today.

These were Spicy Oatmeal cookies and all I had to add was vanilla, an egg, and butter. The rest of the ingredients were in the jar! Cute huh?

So, I preheated the oven and mixed up the ingredients. It was so easy!

The sugar was a little tough to get out…brown sugar of course.

I actually ended up throwing some of the coconut away because it was like, rock hard. I figured it was for the best.

Today was a first for me. It was the first time I think in my life I didn’t eat any of the dough out of the mixing bowl. I put my foot down today! Usually, I eat way too much dough then feel sick but still eat like, 30 cookies.  Today was all about self control. I have yet to get salmonella and until I do, dough will continue to get consumed by me. Just not today.

Once the oven was preheated, I dropped balls of the dough down on a cookie sheet and cooked for about 10 minutes.

I have to say, my cookies turned out a little sad looking. They were pretty flat and I think I know why (of course after it’s too late). I never added the 2 tbsp. of flour for high altitude cooking. If we’re not high altitude, then I don’t know what is. I’m thinkin’ that’s why my cookies looked like pancakes.

They still tasted good though! Notice the ravaged cookie here in the middle:

My lack of self control reared its’ ugly head again and I half ate a scolding hot cookie. Obviously I couldn’t wait until they cooled!

Even though they looked pathetic, they tasted great!

In another life, me and Cookie Monster would have been great friends.


Have you ever had cookies from a jar? What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

6 comments to Cookies From A Jar

  • sometimes I think I make cookies just to eat the dough! By the time they are baked I don’t even want them because I have eaten so much dough! I have never made cookies from a jar but I am thinking that is an excellent diy gift 🙂

  • I want some cookies! The dough is the best part 😉

  • I have never made or eaten cookies from a jar, but I would like to sometime, but honestly I’m anal about calories that I probably wouldn’t, no control of how much sugar I put it in, I’m sad, I know!

    You know what funny, I LOVE to make chocolate chip cookies, there my favorite! But I can’t absolulty can’t have them in the house so I ask my husband, do you want me to make cookies for you for work? He always says ok. I make them for the dough! I eat so much dam choclate chip cookie dough it isn’t even funny! I have no control. I lick the bowl, lick the beaters and just grab scoops of dough. The sad, sad part is, the calories are WAY more then a cooked cookie. How can cookie dough be more then the cookie? That just kills me.

    • Amy

      how can they be more than the cookie!?! that is the worst thing ive ever heard haha. oh man i dont even want to think about the calories ive consumed then bc i usually eat tons of dough then like, 5 cookies. ahh boo!!

  • I’ve never done the cookies in a jar but they look SO good (and so easy!) which is a win-win! I eat the dough all the time (and fun fact, actually GOT salmonella a couple of years back, that was fun). Everyone was like what were you thinking? I was like well… the eggs were organic! Haha

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