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Review: Cappuccino Lara Bar

Remember the other day when I mentioned Lara Bar sent me some goodies? Well, it was a sample of their newest flavor: cappuccino. First of all, I just want to say that I love Lara Bars. I discovered them when I lived in the bay area oh like, 5 years ago now. I was taking some classes after I quit my “real world” job to try and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and I remember eating Lara Bars everyday between classes (by the way, I’m still trying to figure that out…good thing I haven’t grown up yet :).

Anyway, at the time I think I could only find the apple, cherry, and banana flavored bars which were just fine for me. Now, I swear they have tons of different flavors..20 to be exact.

In the past year or so they unveiled their blueberry muffin flavor which I actually really like. I think it has a great texture and flavor, so I was pretty psyched when I heard they were coming out with another new flavor.


Cappuccino seemed like a bold choice, but I guess carrot cake and tropical fruit were too and they’re amazing.

Like most Lara Bars, these are made of dates, almonds, and cashews. To give it that coffee flavor, they added certified fair trade coffee and vanilla extract. This is the reason why I love Lara Bars: their extremely simple ingredient list. You know exactly what you’re consuming since all their ingredients can be found in nature. Sure, sometimes their bars are high in calories (this bar is 200) but at least it’s 200 calories of healthy, simple foods. There are so many bars out there around 200 calories with the longest list of ingredients of which more than half I have no idea what they are.

Besides having healthy ingredients, most Lara Bars (including this cappuccino flavor) are gluten and dairy free, vegan, non-gmo, and kosher. So, basically they are the perfect snack for just about anyone.

So how did I feel about the cappuccino flavor?

If you like the taste of coffee (which I really do!) then you’ll love it. The vanilla extract balances out the coffee flavor so it’s not too intense, but the flavor is absolutely there.  It would be a great quick breakfast in the morning if you were on the run!

Personally, this isn’t one of my favorite flavors of Lara Bars, but that being said I still think it’s good and would definitely eat it on a regular basis (I still have 2 more yay!).  I just prefer a few other flavors over this one. In case you were wondering, I love chocolate chip brownie, chocolate coconut chew, and peanut butter chocolate chip. I think there’s a pattern in there….chocolate perhaps? So, maybe if the cappuccino flavor was laced with chocolate chips I’d love it too :).

Like every other product from Lara Bar, cappuccino doesn’t disappoint. The texture and taste that people love about this brand are all there.

So, if you love the flavor of coffee, give it a try!

(Side note: I wasn’t compensated for this review. These are genuinely and honestly my opinions. I just really like Lara Bars :). Maybe they will start compensating me though that’d be sweet!).


Have you tried Lara Bars? What’s your favorite flavor? If not, what’s your go-to snack bar?

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