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Soakin’ Up the Sun

Sorry I’ve been MIA this past week. I actually went down to Palm Beach, Florida for 6 days…it was amazing. It kind of made me miss living somewhere where it’s warm year round. As much as I’m loving the snow sports here in Colorado, I think I’d be okay if there was only like, 2 months of snow…then warm weather.

This was my first time in Palm Beach and it was beautiful! I felt kind of bad because my husband was in Cleveland while I was in Florida. Hm…Cleveland or Palm Beach? Not a fair toss up….especially this time of year. ┬áNeedless to say, I came back to Colorado with a sweet tan and he…did not :).

The weather was pretty much perfect: 70-75 every day. My poor skin hasn’t seen the sun in so long so the first day I laid out I came back nice and crisp.

Not that I have a stressful life, but it felt so good to just sort of hang out. To not have to do anything at any particular time…except get my nails done :). Life is hard.

Besides hanging out at the pool and beach, I also got to check out the horse jumping scene down there. One of the girls I was with keeps horses down around there so we checked it out. It was fun and pretty wild to see the horses make some crazy jumps!

I get scared when I’m horse back riding and it starts to trot let alone jump. I would have a heart attack on the back of that thing.

I think this guy thought I had food..

This is the front of the hotel called The Breakers. It’s so pretty!

So, coming back to a snowstorm was kind of a bummer. But I can’t complain…Colorado is sunny most days so as long as the sun’s shining, I’m good.

I also came back to some treats which is always nice!

Foodie penpal package from Mellissa at a Fit and Spicy Life and new flavor samples of Lara Bars! I’m actually really excited to try all the things Mellissa sent me. Today I’m running 7 miles so I think I’ll take those Gatorade energy bites with me.

Mmm cappuccino…


I’ll post more on those later! Hope you all had a great week last week!


Have you or do you plan on taking any winter vacations? If so, where?

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