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Paleonola Review

You may remember this past summer when I tried the Paleo diet and failed big time. I honestly think I “failed” not because I didn’t or don’t believe in the diet, but because of my lack of self control. I was working at a bakery which is the worst place to be when you’re cutting carbs out of your life. I actually can’t believe I made it for as long as I did (which, by the way, was like 3 days)!

That being said, I’d be willing to try Paleo again. I definitely think it’s a doable diet (just not when you work at a bakery) and one that makes sense. It does make sense to me that we could only get carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables and be just fine. Fruits alone are loaded with carbs so why are breads necessary?

Even in the Vail Newspaper!

It’s hard to know since we live in a society where carbohydrates are easy to come by and touted as a health food (whole grains, etc). It’s also hard to distinguish from what the truth is (you don’t need breads, etc. go Paleo! Or yes, in fact you do, screw Paleo) because I think both “diets” or whatever you want to call them are selling a brand. So what’s the truth and what’s a marketing ploy? I have no idea.

If your goal is to lose a couple pounds, I have no doubt Paleo would help you out. For me, this isn’t a great time to start Paleo again since I’m training for a marathon. I’m sure Robb Wolf would disagree but I don’t really want to throw my body out of whack if I don’t have to. Paleo isn’t going anywhere so maybe after the marathon I’ll give it another go?

Even though I’m not 100% Paleo at this moment doesn’t mean I don’t like the idea of keeping my carb intake to a minimum. I mentioned this yesterday, but no or low carb snacks are especially difficult since they may take a little more time and effort. That being said, Paleonola sent me a couple samples of their Paleo “granola” to try.

They have 5 different flavors of “granola” that are all grain free. First up, Original.

Honestly, really good. I love the dried fruits mixed in with the nuts. Somehow they got this to taste like regular old granola without the oats? I have no idea how but it tastes great.


Next we have Chocolate Fix. Needless to say, I was pretty excited about this one.

This one has a hint of chocolate, really not overpowering at all. I almost wish it had more of a chocolate flavor but I’m sure everyone has different opinions on that.


Next up is Maple Pancake. I love anything maple that’s why this was the first one I dug into. I had this the day I got the package with some greek yogurt and it was great! Maple just makes everything better.

If you tend to lean towards sweeter foods (like me) then you’ll probably really enjoy the Maple Pancake flavor. It’s really yummy!


Apple Pie is next! This is another flavor I was excited about because I feel like apple flavors never fail.

I think I may have found another potential first place flavor. I love that this has dried apples in it; they’re so good! It’s a great apple-cinnamon combination…never fails!


Last but not least, we have Pumpkin Pie. I love all things pumpkin but have never really had pumpkin flavored granola (or Paleonola) so I was intrigued.

Well, another winner. I personally don’t really taste much pumpkin in this flavor which is maybe a good thing? I love pumpkin flavoring but sometimes it doesn’t always work. There are pumpkin seeds and different spices that give it a nice flavor but definitely not too pumpkin-y (I know some people hate pumpkin so that’s good for you!).


I think these snacks are great! I love how they come in these little portable resealable bags too. The hubs and I are flying to California tomorrow, renting a car in Southern Cali, then driving up to Nor Cal so I’ve been thinking of portable, healthy snacks to bring and these would be great! We’ll be driving quite a bit so healthy snacks will be welcomed…I can only take so many McDonald’s stops!

One thing to remember about these though is that they’re primarily made of nuts so they should be eaten as a snack. Nuts are great and healthy for you but also extremely high in calories so…I gotta watch myself!

These are great though I definitely recommend them if you’re trying Paleo and don’t have the time to make your own “granola” or trail mix. You can check out Paleonola’s website here.


What do you think about the Paleo diet? Make sense or do you think it’s just another “diet” scam? 

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 comments to Paleonola Review

  • I think to me Paleo seems more like an eating “philosophy” than a diet, if that makes sense. I definitely see merits in choosing those types of food. And even though I can plow through a bag of Cheetos like they’re about to be declared illegal, I DO prefer to stuff myself full of unprocessed food. I’m just a very bad, bad girl! I could see myself doing Paleo for a few days a week and then maybe having a “cheat” day. Because let’s face it, I can’t ever give up cupcakes.

    • Yea i totally agree. when i attempted paleo i still allowed greek yogurt in my life bc i just think it’s a great, healthy snack. i agree that it’s more of a philosophy or a lifestyle than a “diet.” ya cheat days are worth it too..i mean, come on..there’s just too much good food out there to restrict yourself from NEVER eating it again!

  • I don’t really have a choice in following the paleo diet- it’s been the only thing to really kick start healing my gut with celiac disease. And while I love it, I definitely understand what a challenge it can be. These snacks look so awesome though! Rarely do I find something in a package that I can eat…mmm chocolate! 🙂

  • I dfon’t know much about the Paleo diet, but I would like to research it more. The granola looks wonderful, I am a granola addict! Have fun in S. CA!!

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