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Workout Motivation

We woke up this morning to this:

kinda bright..sorry

It snowed a TON last night.

So, turns out, spring is not yet here. Bummer.

There was zero snow on the ground yesterday. I went for a nice 4 mile run, no snow, not even puddles. I’m looking out the window right now and it’s like a blizzard out there. Can I go back to California now?

Honestly, I’m getting sick of winter. It started snowing here in October and I know it can very well go through April or May. That is a LONG winter if you ask me. I know I’m in ski country so I should be excited about the snow but I’m starting to learn I prefer warmer weather (I am from Arizona after all. It’s already spring there. :)).

It’s right around this time where I can feel myself getting into a slump. The weather kind of depresses me but I know it will get better so somehow I have to stay focused and motivated. I mentioned this blog (is Tumblr considered a blog? I don’t know) yesterday and I really like it because it motivates me to work out…and fantasize about warmer places.

Pinterest is another great place to get yourself motivated…just stay away from the Food and Drink pages :).  Here are a couple of my favorite motivating pictures. If you’re in a winter slump too, I hope these help you out of it!

Beautiful, fresh fruit mmm.

I do look forward to a Colorado summer (I don’t know where this picture is, but the mountains remind me of here).


(All pictures found here)

I’m learning something about myself when I look back over the pictures I chose. I think I need to focus on eating more whole foods and doing more yoga. I kind of go in and out of doing yoga but I have to admit, every time I do it, it makes me feel great. I feel strong and healthy and I actually want to spend the rest of the day taking care of my body, i.e. eating well. I don’t really get that effect after I run…I’m not sure why. I love to run too (obviously) but I do think there’s something to yoga. I might have to try it out more often.

As much as I’d love to be back in California or even somewhere exotic like Thailand (yep, Thailand), I’m here in Colorado in the middle of a blizzard so I’ll have to make the best of it. Maybe I’ll crank up the heat, put a tank top on, do some yoga, then make a smoothie. It will almost seem like summer.


Do you feel the winter blues? How do you get out of the rut?


4 comments to Workout Motivation

  • I hate the winter blues! I don’t get them as much as I did when I lived on the East Coast, but I do get them now and again. What I do is focus on things I love, like a hobby and get involved in that. Or if weather permitting, I’ll go for a drive along the ocean or head to the city for a day of shopping and being sure I grab some hot coffee or cocoa. Or sit in the window with the sun on me, or sometimes I put on tropical music and make a tropical smoothie and pretend I’m somewhere else.

  • wes

    there is this place called texas that is 75-80 degrees right now.

  • I grew up in Ohio so I know the winter blues all too well. Almost 10 years ago I moved to southern California with my husband. It was the best move of my life. I hope you shake the winter blues – it is pretty to look at (from afar, of course) 😉

    After running I feel hungry and tired but after yoga I feel energized and relaxed. I have to start adding yoga to my routine too.

    Now off to get some tea!

  • I live in Michigan, we haven’t had much snow this winter, but it has been cold. I just checked the weather and we are supposed to get ice tomorrow which typically means a giant mess on the roads, no school for the kids and looks like I’ll have to have an alternate plan ready in case I can’t get to the gym in the morning…where is Spring??

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